WP Google Maps Pro version 5.44


  • Code refactoring within the main class
  • Infowindow styling improvements (attempt at minimizing scrollbars and including more classes and structure to the infowindow)
  • Fixed the bug whereby the marker listing table was not ending correctly
  • Added compatibility for maps displaying within Elegant Builder tabs
  • Added title/description search options and functionality to the store locator (beta)
  • Fixed the map from not showing when using Hebrew locale
  • Added placeholders for the store locator inputs
  • PreserveViewport now set to true when using KML files (avoid zoom override)
  • Retina display support for markers
  • Added new strings to the PO file
  • “Lowest level of access to the map editor” option added to the pro version
  • A simple map can now be generated by using custom fields in a post/page. See our blog for more details.
  • Fixed the bug that didnt display the correct markers when the Store Locator was used and a map mashup was being used

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