We’re phasing out Timthumb

As I’m sure you are aware, Timthumb has been riddled with issues in the past few years. Some of these issues have been severe and this has caused the lead developer of Timthumb to essentially lose interest and stop maintaining his product. It’s a pity as it was a great product.

With that being said, we have decided to move on from Timthumb in order to protect the integrity of your WordPress website.

We have decided to phase out Timthumb over the course of two releases. In Pro version 5.52 we have introduced a warning message stating our intent and how to get your map and markers ready. In Pro version 5.53 and basic version 6.1.5, Timthumb will no longer be included and if you have not moved over to the new settings, the plugin will attempt to gracefully force you over to the new settings.

How to prepare for version 5.53
We have tried to make this process as simple as possible.

Log in to wp-admin. In the left navigation menu, go to Maps->Settings and then navigate to the “Infowindows” tab.

You will notice the following options:


  1. Select “Do not use TimThumb
  2. Ensure that “Resize all images to the below sizes” is selected
  3. Enter the desired size. We suggest 100px x 100px
  4. Save your settings. Ensure you have cleared your cache if you are using a caching plugin.
  5. Go to your map on your website and ensure that everything displays correctly. You may need to change the size of your images (step 3)

Important notes

  • WP Go Maps now makes use of the standard WordPress thumbnail functionality when selecting an image for a marker. We take the 150×150 image size filename.
  • Please ensure that when you move away from Timthumb, that your images are appearing correctly both in the marker infowindows and the marker list (if you are using the basic or carousel option)

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