Version 9 – Planning Phase

It’s that time again! We’re planning our next major release – version 9.

Over the next couple of months we will be in touch with many of you regarding what you would like to see in version 9. We already have our own thoughts on where we would like to take WP Go Maps in the next major update but your feedback is critical in making the product even better.

Our plans for version 9 will mostly focus on improving the overall aesthetics of the front end and ensuring a smoother user experience – something that we’ve been meaning to get around to for a couple years now!

We’ve made a shortlist of the items we’ll be working on:

  • New modern look and feel for the Store Locator
  • New modern look and feel for the Directions Box
  • New default infowindow
  • Overhauled look and feel for all other front-end assets and templates
  • Separate filter block and map block in Gutenberg

Have your say by getting involved in on our Subreddit page!


  • In version 9, it would be great if the map markers in the table could be ordered by dragging and dropping them into any desired order on the map editing page. That way I could put them into an order that is completely independent from ID, title, category, etc. Most photo galleries have this feature. It would be great if WPG Maps did also.

    • Nick Duncan says:

      Hi Arthur, that is a great idea. We could simply add a “priority” field for each marker which you can then set which we would be able to order by.
      Thank you for your input!

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