The Best Map Marker Icon Collections of 2023

In a world that’s becoming more and more dependent on technology, navigational apps have become an integral part of everyday life. Thanks to the rapidly advancing capabilities of digital mapping technology, the everyday mobile phone owner can have a map in their back pocket. The growing popularity of these apps means that developers need to find ways to attract users to their platforms. 

With these new developments, map marker icons have received more attention in recent years. This inspired map designers to find new and creative ways to display these seemingly minor and insignificant features. They realized that it’s all about attention to detail. These icons, in all their colorful and illustrative glory, provide an easy way for people to navigate and identify landmarks, destinations, and points of interest. 

In this blog post, we’re going to list five map marker icon collections that have been receiving a lot of interest this year. Let’s dive straight in!

1. Google Maps Custom Icons

Google Maps has always been a trailblazer when it comes to innovative map features. This year, they’ve taken their map markers up a notch by offering more options for customization. This new addition allows users to personalize their maps by choosing from an extensive collection of vibrant and detailed icons. They now range from conventional pin shapes to unique icons representing different points of interest such as cafes, hospitals, and shops.

2. Apple Maps Emoji Markers

Let’s be honest – who doesn’t love emojis? Apple Maps has capitalized on the universal popularity of emojis by introducing them as map marker icons. These markers offer a fun, intuitive, and visually compelling way to mark locations. They also make the map more interactive and easy to understand, especially for younger users.

3. Mapbox Marker Icons

Mapbox is well known for its customizable and high-resolution maps. This year, they’ve released a new set of marker icons. The icons are designed with a clean, minimalist aesthetic, focusing on clear recognition of different points. Their simple and straightforward design makes it easier for users to understand the map at a quick glance.

4. OpenStreetMap Location Tags

OpenStreetMap tries its best to create collaboration between users. How does it do this? By using location tags as map markers. With a number of options available, each marker icon represents a different category of places. This includes parks, restaurants, and popular tourist attractions. They are color-coded for easy recognition, making navigation simple and effective.

5. FlatIcon’s Marker Pack

In a bid to personalize and enhance the user experience, many graphic designers and companies are starting to offer custom map marker icons. These packs often include a wide variety of icons with unique designs. FlatIcon’s map marker pack offers sleek, modern designs. With over 15 000 icons to choose from, it was a clear contender for our 2023 list of the best map marker icons.

Ending off…

2023 has been a pretty big milestone year when it comes to map marker icons. Where they were once overlooked and underrated, developers are constantly finding new ways for these digital tools to transform and enrich our navigation experiences. This goes hand in hand with the realization that having a map on your website can improve SEO, along with a number of other benefits

While the designs of these icons do vary and differ quite a lot, they all share a common goal: to make maps more user-friendly and intuitive. These innovative map marker icon collections have more than just a visual appeal – they have a significant impact on the functionality of maps by helping users navigate with ease. Whether you prefer the vibrant customizability of Google Maps or the minimalist elegance of MapBox, there’s a map marker icon collection for everyone.

What’s your favorite map marker icon collection? 

Let us know why in the comments section!

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