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There are many uses for a map, both in terms of charting where you have been as well as where you want to go. In the Industry Related Pages, we will be showing you tutorials on how to set up our plugin on your site so that you can display maps and content for your particular industry.

On this page, you are going to learn about how to set the plugin up to best display your Travel Agency main destinations as well as add routes for cruise ships and tourist points on the map to make it just that little bit more special.

To begin with, you will need to create a map to display the tourist area you want to show on your site. If you do not know how to make a map, please consult the following page before continuing with the tutorial – (

You can name your map something memorable, but make sure you have either the destination or cruise ship route in the title to identify the different locations or options. In the image below, I have a specific name (80 Day Cruise) as well as signifying that I have a route on the map with markers ( Route With Port Markers ).

After this step, we can do one of two things, we can either add the Polyline route or the markers. I find it is best to add the Polyline first then the markers as you can then see the overall trend of the cruise route and you can point out important points along the route.

To add a Polyline, all you do is click on the Polyline tab and then the Add New Polyline button –

You are taken to a new page where you will need to zoom in (if you want a detailed line) to the starting location of the cruise. For our purposes, we are starting in Portsmouth, England and our route will take us through the Mediterranean and down the east coast of Africa till Cape Town, South Africa. In the image below, you will see how I have given the route a name as well as changed the color and line thickness and added the starting points to the map. You will also notice as you add that there are points being added to the bottom of the page, these points must not be changed. If you want to change a line point, all you do is click and drag the marker icon of the line you would like to change.

The finished product will look different depending on the route as well as the color and smoothness of the lines, the closer the marker points in a turn, the smoother the line will look.

Below is the finished Polyline Route From England to South Africa via the Med and the east side of Africa.

TM 4

Now we can start adding the markers to the map to show the points of major interest in the areas the ship makes port. Adding markers is done by placing titles and addresses/GPS points ( 32.094209486993954, 34.89532470703125 ) into the Add Marker section. In the image below, I have added the major docking areas of the trip.

I changed the default marker to make it more appealing as well as created a short description for each marker. The finished result looks like the map below. I added a marker listing just displaying the points and a bit of information and changed the theme to match the markers on the map.



This is just a brief explanation on how to make the map more suitable to the Travel industry, however, there are more features available such as directions and a Store Locator that could be added to the map to increase the overall usability of the map.

If you do not see your industry represented in these listings, please get in touch with us here and we will appraise how to add your request into our documentation. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse to place your selected industry on our documentation due to either social, political or religious reasons.

Please let us know if you enjoyed this tutorial and we will try to make more like it.

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