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What's new in version 8


OpenLayers Directions

OpenLayers Directions

Allow your users to get directions while using the OpenLayers Engine

Marker Ratings

Marker Ratings

[When used with the Gold add-on] Allow users to leave ratings on your markers using our new Marker Ratings features. Marker Ratings are highly customisable and include an easily extensible system for adding more widget styles to the four built in options.


New Marker Listing Style (Grid)

New Marker Listing Style

Pro 8 features a new Grid style marker listing. Perfect for both desktop and mobile devices, the Grid style marker listing is beautiful, responsive and allows you to show a lot of information in a small amount of space.

ACF Integration

ACF Integration

Show all your Advanced Custom Fields location on one map.


WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce Integration

Show all your WooCommerce products on your map.

New Sort Options

New Sort Options

Our new Marker Listing sort options allow you to sort list items by Distance, and by Rating.


Marker Galleries

Marker Galleries

Add multiple pictures to one marker with our new Marker Gallery feature.

More Filters!


Filter by Time and Date using our new Custom Field Filter Widgets.

Plus the following new features:

Sticky markers
Significant performance enhancements
Additional category sort orders
A new sophisticated REST API
Bulk JPEG import
Extremely efficient compression algorithms
Various new settings and options
New Gutenberg Options
Get a GPS address from JPEG


Custom Markers

Add descriptions, links, pictures, icons, categories and animations to your markers

Unlimited Maps

Create unlimited maps


Let users get directions to your markers


Marker Content Editor

Add videos and multiple images to your marker infowindow!


Add videos to your markers


Create dynamic heatmaps quickly and easily

Custom Fields

Add custom fields to your markers and allow users to filter by them!

Custom Data Sources



Schedule imports (via URI or Files) to occur at regular intervals

Marker Listing

List your markers below your map (three methods)

Export / Import

Export and Import your markers

Polygons & Polylines

Create advanced polygons and polylines


We've merged Mappity with FontAwesome to create 1000s of ultra modern markers for your maps. Head over to Mappity to view the collection.

Direction Waypoints

Add as many waypoints to your directions as you need.

Marker Filtering

Filter by category, custom fields, and more

Map Wizard

New map wizard allows you to create custom maps quickly and easily

Store Locator

Add "Store Locator" functionality to your maps

Modern UI

New modern user interface


Create responsive maps

New Infowindow Themes

Two new marker infowindow themes! Apply custom colors to elements.

Amazing Support

We're all about providing world-class support


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WP Google Maps is the most popular WordPress Mapping Solution.

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Full feature list

Purchase the Professional Edition of WP Google Maps today and experience the following features:
  • Add Descriptions, Links and Pictures to your markers
  • Create Multiple maps!
  • Let your users get Directions to your markers
  • Add categories to your markers and dynamically filter them on your map
  • Add custom fields to your markers and dynamically filter them on your map
  • Advanced marker descriptions with videos and multiple images
  • Import from REST API, CSV, XML, JSON, XML and more
  • Mashup multiple maps
  • List your markers below your map
  • Compatible with WPML.
  • Beautiful InfoWindow themes
  • Export your markers to a CSV file for quick editing
  • Advanced import/export - export and import maps, markers, polygons, polylines and more
  • Create a map and marker via custom fields
  • Add animations to your markers!
  • Fully responsive (mobile ready)
  • KML/GeoRSS support
  • Heatmaps
  • Use custom images for your marker icons
  • Add polygons and polylines to you map
  • Add Store Locator functionality to your map
  • Supports Fusion Tables
  • Latest Google Maps API
  • Map wizard
  • Modern UI
  • Drag and zoom to save your map location
  • Virtually unlimited markers
  • Quick email support

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