New in Version 8

Theme Editor

Our new theme editor makes customising map styling easy!

Directions Behaviour

Choose whether to use the plugins built in directions features, or take your users directly to Google / Apple maps.

Directions Styling

Style your directions display using our new options, including icon pickers, and route stroke settings.

Directions for OpenLayers

We are very pleased to announce Directions support for OpenLayers, powered by OpenRouteService – a free, open source routing service.

Pro 8 fully supports Directions for OpenLayers, including custom icons, route stroke customisation, direction steps display and waypoints.

Auto Search Area

Our new Store Locator features detect the boundaries of the area your users search, and zoom based on the context of the address provided. This eliminates the need for your users to select a search radius.

New Advanced Settings

By popular request, we have added “Jump to nearest marker” and “Automatically pan to users location” for maps, and “Show distance from location” for Marker Listings and InfoWindows.

Polygon Labels & Descriptions

Add text labels to Polygons and add rich descriptions.

3rd Party Integration

Show all your Advanced Custom Fields location on one map, or display WooCommerce products on your map, with more integrations coming in future versions.

You can dynamically display integrated markers, or import markers from supported 3rd party sources.

New Marker Listing Style

Pro 8 features a new Grid style marker listing. Perfect for both desktop and mobile devices, the Grid style marker listing is beautiful, responsive and allows you to show a lot of information in a small amount of space.

New Sort Options

Our new Marker Listing sort options allow you to sort list items by Distance, and by Rating.

Address from JPEG

WP Google Maps – Pro add-on 8 allows you to extract GPS coordinates from your markers picture(s) to place the marker, and will attempt to find an address from the detected coordinates.

This feature works on any JPEG image with location data, which is saved by virtually all modern phones and tablets.

Bulk JPEG import

Import an unlimited amount of JPEG pictures to a map of your choice. This feature will create markers at the coordinates detected on each JPEG. Great for importing a large amount of travel pictures to your map!

Sticky Markers

“Sticky”, or feature your markers, our new setting allows you to place specified markers always on top of your Marker Listing.

Marker Gallery

Add multiple pictures to one marker with our new Marker Gallery feature.

The Marker Gallery automatically generates thumbnails of various sizes to speed up load times and improve user experience.

InfoWindows and Marker Listings will display the images in a carousel (or slider), a lightbox displays your images at full resolution when clicked.

User Interface Style

We’ve unified our User Interface Styles into one global control. Pick from a diverse variety of styles, including a Bare Bones style for budding designers and CSS experts alike.

A legacy option is provided for users who wish to continue using older styles. This is the default upon upgrading, for any migrating users.

Category Sort Order

Control the order in which categories are displayed with our new Category Sort Order setting, with more options coming in the near future.

New Gutenberg Features

Working with your maps in the Gutenberg editor is now easier than ever before, with a new and comprehensive set of controls.

New Filter Widgets

Filter by Time and Date using our new Custom Field Filter Widgets.

Technical Enhancements

WP Google Maps version 8 features significant performance enhancements and a sophisticated REST API.

Compressed Path Variables mean that marker data, marker listings and filtering can be cached seamlessly by any REST cache, browser cache, or CDN, which tremendously improves load time and filtering speed. Spatial indexing can be used to massively speed up marker filtering.

Our powerful REST API makes integrating with our plugin easier than ever before, with endpoints to load, filter, populate and add markers, query maps, categories, marker listings, and much more.

These two features, along with robust, cutting edge and extremely efficient compression algorithms makes Version 8 our fastest and most resource efficient release to date.

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