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Andrew Lima, owner of ARCTEK technologies, has been using WordPress for around 5 years. Andrew serves as one of our Support Engineers for CODECABIN_ plugins such as  WP Go Maps and WP Live Chat Support, where only exceptional is standard practice.

WordPress is so much more than a content management system; it’s a community, it’s an ecosystem. Andrew’s talk at WordCamp Johannesburg 2016 this past weekend, enlightened all CODECABIN_ Support Engineers, that we decided to share with our customers immediately. We hope that you will agree with us; that this support is five star rated!

Support within the WordPress ecosystem

Regardless of whether you are a WordPress beginner, or an experienced developer or Designer, we all need support at some stage. Andrew illustrated the various channels to which both user and developers can achieve support excellence. We will be discussing channels available to our customers.

Catering for all WordPress users, Andrew discussed the difference between free and paid support and gave tips on how to receive optimal support as a customer.

WordPress has made it possible for free, user-support interaction. Paid Support has a perk, it is faster and more efficient than Free Support. But both are available. Andrew shared a top tip for customers ‘regardless of the type of support given, he does a little extra if the customer is friendly!’ Remembering that there is a qualified Support Engineer on the other side who has signed on to help as it’s their passion to problem-solve.

Smooth sailing tips for users logging a support ticket

  1. Keep it short, but descriptive
  2. Remain patient, friendly and respectful
  3. When you are asked for temporary login details, ensure that they are correct

Smooth sailing tips for Support Engineers providing exceptional support

  1. Rapid response times. Someone who need help, doesn’t like waiting
  2. Personalized responses. Generated text becomes tedious and frustrating to the user
  3. Follow-up. Ensure that your customer is happy

Our Support Engineers at CODECABIN_ always have top-of-mind importance with responsive, exceptional support. Taking your brand to the next level with WP Go Maps and WP Live Chat Support. Our support  is a tool in sculpting your product to fit the needs of your service delivery.

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