Get to Know the WP Go Maps Pro Add-on

If you’re a WordPress user, you’ve probably heard of the popular WP Go Maps plugin, and that’s what brought you to us. 

So, what is WP Go Maps? 

We are “The most comprehensive WordPress Map Plugin, ever.”

We also happen to be the best map plugin available for WordPress!

We help you build simple, (or complex, if that’s more your style) detailed maps in a matter of seconds. We’ve developed a great way to add custom maps to your website, giving visitors a better understanding of your business and its location. But did you know that we offer an add-on for it too?

The WP Go Maps Pro Add-on is an awesome way to take your maps to the next level, with new and improved features created by our highly-skilled team of developers. From custom styling and markers to advanced features like geolocation, this add-on is packed with features that make it a must-have for any WordPress user.

Let’s take a look at what this add-on has to offer and how it can help you make the most out of your WP Go Maps experience!

What’s new with the WP Go Maps Pro Add-on?

Custom Icons

You’ll easily be able to pinpoint specific locations; be it businesses, tourist attractions, travel destinations, you name it! You can change each individual marker to make sure it suits your personal brand and style, making your map unique and completely your own. This goes as far as adding your own pictures and videos to specific locations; maybe to show you standing in front of the Eiffel Tower on your influential travel map? Your viewers would love an interactive map to follow your or your business’s journey. 

With the Pro Add-on, you’ll be able to:

  • Change all markers
  • Change a specific marker
  • Change a marker category

Point Labels

If you’ve ever wanted to add text directly onto a map, allow us to introduce point labels! All you have to do is pick a location and start writing. You even have the option to adjust the font size and colors used for your labels, allowing you to maintain your desired color scheme and theme throughout your website and map. 

A Modern UI

With our new user interface, you have full control over where your components are placed on your map. We want to give you full control over where you place everything, along with what you want your map to display to your viewers. If you decide that you want to move everything into the map container, we’ve made it possible. You also have full control of the styling component of your map, allowing you to alter its look and feel with the push of a button. Being able to select where functions and options are displayed on your digital map means that our clients can achieve 100% uniqueness in their creations when using the Pro Add-on.

Unlimited Maps

That’s right, you heard us!

With the Pro Add-on, we’re granting you the ability to create multiple maps – as many as you want, in fact. This feature is very useful for websites that belong to businesses that operate from various different locations and would prefer a unique map to display each specific area. It’s also useful for businesses or individuals who want to show separate maps for each niche, and use the different types of maps available.

For example, a travel influencer that wants to show their destinations on our map, and the specific highlights of their trips on another; or a restaurant critic wishing to show their recommendations on one map, and their “not a fan” list on a separate one. The options are limitless; just like the number of maps you could create!

Other Improvements Include:

  • Batched importing for CSV files
  • Improved ACF integration drastically
  • Improved auto backup system
  • New info window panel style
  • Category legends showable on map
  • Filter post type for ACF integration
  • Export as KML
  • Use WordPress categories as source
  • Share locations externally
  • +60 other improvements and additions

Did we mention these new features?

  • Give your users Directions to your markers
  • Add categories to your markers and dynamically filter them on your map
  • Add custom fields to your markers as you see fit
  • Advanced marker descriptions with videos and image galleries
  • Import from REST API, CSV, XML, JSON, XML and more
  • Mashup multiple maps to make for a more interactive experience
  • List your markers below your map
  • Compatible with WPML.
  • Beautiful InfoWindow themes
  • Export your markers to a CSV file for quick editing
  • Advanced import/export – export and import maps, markers, polygons, polylines and more
  • Fully responsive to various devices ( we are mobile ready)
  • KML/GeoRSS support
  • Access to our Heatmaps feature
  • Add polygons and polylines to you map
  • Add Store Locator functionality to your map
  • Latest Google Maps API
  • Improved auto backup system
  • Category legends can be displayed on your map
  • Have the ability to share locations externally
  • Sticky markers functionality
  • Show all your Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) locations on one map.
  • Bulk JPEG import option for convenience
  • Gutenberg Options (with new blocks recently added)
  • Drag and zoom to save your map location
  • Virtually unlimited markers
  • Quick email support

Take a look at our Pricing Plans to find the option that best suits your needs:

Before you go…

The WP Go Maps Pro Add-on is the perfect solution to your digital map needs. With third-party integrations and the ability to support over 25 different languages, we have the most comprehensive plugin ever. If you’re still not sure about whether or not the Pro edition is the right fit for you, visit our website to find out more about our product offerings; from our Visitor Generated Markers Add-on to our impressive Gold Add-on. 

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