Google Maps API Key

All Google Maps require an API key to display the map or interact with the map.

We've made it super simple to start using Google Maps - simply purchase an API key through us, or set up an account and create your API key using the Google Cloud Console.

Managed API Key
For Standard Users

Estimated Map Views Required:

Suitable for 90% of users

Pro version (10 site licence) included (Worth $99)

Pay via Stripe

🤩 Instant API Key

Quick Email Support

Access all future updates

Get Your Own Key

For Developers and Technical Users

Pay Google for what you use

Go to Google Console

* You are required to purchase the Pro add-on separately.

Follow these instructions if you need help.


If you are a non profit organization, please contact us.

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Value for Money with Google Maps API

While Google does charge for its Maps API, it offers significant benefits that make it a worthy investment. High-traffic businesses benefit from the robust performance, real-time updates, and extensive customization options. Plus, Google offers a free monthly usage tier, meaning smaller businesses or those with lower traffic can often use the service for free or at a low cost. Paying for Google Maps API ensures you have access to a consistently reliable service that's continually evolving and improving to serve you better.

Advanced User Experience

WP Go Maps elevates your website's user experience. Beyond simple location mapping, features like Street View let your customers virtually explore the area around your business. Users can view a 360-degree panorama, navigate streets, and even zoom in to see buildings and landmarks, thus experiencing the feeling of being physically present. This advanced functionality can give your users more confidence in your business and can significantly enhance their overall experience on your site.

See our Demos

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Effortless Integration with WordPress

Harness the power of WP Go Maps to seamlessly incorporate Google Maps into your WordPress website. This user-friendly plugin allows you to add, customize, and manage Google Maps on your website with ease. Whether you need a simple map with a single location marker or a complex one with multiple markers, custom styles, or advanced overlays, WP Go Maps is up to the task.