GDPR and WP Go Maps

The General Data Protection Regulation, as introduced to come into effect May 25, 2018, concerns Data Protection and Privacy and is applicable to all companies processing the data of European citizens. WP Go Maps, implementing the standards required by the Regulation, not only ensured for GDPR compliance across our Data Processing Practices, but aims to help our users do the same.

Is the GDPR applicable to me?

If any of the visitors to your site are from the EU (European Union) the GDPR is applicable to you and your Data Protection Processing.

What GDPR features are currently in place and why?

WP Go Maps has provided for a consent notice on the Map area, before the Maps API is loaded. This is because the GDPR requires that data subjects (site visitors) give explicit consent before their data may be processed. The Google Maps API sets and stores a cookie with some user information, such as IP Addresses, which is regarded as personal data.

Our GDPR Settings can be found under Maps -> Settings -> GDPR Compliance.

Here, you can disable or enable the Maps API notice for the Map. You are able customize the consent notice by adding your company name and retention purpose (purpose of data). 

Finally, you are also able to override our default notice by checking the option below, so as to add your own, customized notice.

Visitors Generated Markers Add-on

In order to be GDPR compliant, you are required to keep visitor data only for as long as necessary and useful to your purpose. Because our VGM add-on stores the data submitted by site visitors, you are required to give effect to the above. To assist with this, WP Googe Maps has provided for easy controls over submitted marker info, which can be easily deleted or downloaded.

Further to the above, the GDPR stipulates that your data subjects have the right to access or erasure of their data. It is important to keep in mind that you are at all times responsible for the proper processing of your visitors’ data.

Can I disable the GDPR features in WP Go Maps?

We allow you to disable the GDPR notices and features in WP Go Maps by going to Maps -> Settings -> GDPR Compliance. However, we seriously advise against doing this, if you receive any EU visitors to your site.

If you need further assistance or are having other issues with the plugins, feel free to visit our Support Desk.

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