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    I bought the developer version and now i want to put the VGM Form in a page but i can’t find what the code supose to be?
    I am looking for an hour, i found on the forum someone with the same question, later on he found the solution. But he did not mentioned the solution. 🙁

    The documentation is not saying something as far as i know.

    So please HOW can i place the VGM form on my site?

    Thanks anyway for this great software.


    FOUNDED AS WELL !!! sorry, it is default show up when you activated it 🙂

    And i found out how it works.

    You can set it on or off per map.

    So go to the Map wich you want to have an VGM Form.
    Under the list of markers, Down on that page you have the On/Off settings for VGM.
    Thanks it is clear now to me. Hope for others as well.

    So you don’t have to place an shortcode for the form in an page.

    Please close topic.

    Nick Duncan

    Thank you Dicki glad you came right 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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