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    So I’m currently using the free version of this plugin on my WP site to test it out, and so far I like it.

    What I essentially want to do is have the ability for my site visitors to add their own marker to the map. I’m setting up a site where I would like my site visitors to pinpoint where they live in the world, so that I can plan a world tour for a convention/meet and greet with my site visitors, based on where a majority of them live in the world. I know that an addon is available for site visitors to do this, but here is my question (or questions):

    I want to limit the information they put in to just their name, and the address (or essentially the city, state, country they live in) and that’s it, is it possible to do that with that visitor addon?

    Also, do I need to purchase the pro version of this plugin in order to use that visitor addon?

    And finally, is there a way to increase the size of the map, without it repeating itself? Essentially, what I want to display is the world map, but scaled to about 800pm by 400px or bigger. When I resize the map in the settings to this size, the map remains small and just repeats itself to fill in the size. I hope that makes sense.

    That’s it! Thanks 🙂

    Nick Duncan

    Hi there

    Thanks for your message 🙂


    1) The VGM plugin allows this but only allows the user to put in Title, Address and Description – nothing else at the moment. You have the option of editing the marker once it has been inputted by the user though


    2) Yes, you would need the Pro before using the VGM as the VGM is an add-on for the pro


    3) The only alternative here would be to zoom in slightly and then save that position. I hope I understood your question here.


    Kind regards




    Thank you for your response!

    I understand all, but another question for the VGM plugin, is there a way to edit the field titles? For example, change “Title” to “Name,” “Address” to “Location,” etc.?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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