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    The Add Your Own Marker option for maps has great potential however I find the process of adding markers at the front end very frustrating. Adding markers by right clicking and dragging seems to only work sometimes (usually it doesn’t) and I don’t think any users would have the patience to try repeatedly.

    I’ve read that the VGM feature was due to improved and released in an update in June/July,2017. Did this happen or is it still being worked on?

    Thanks for your work.

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    Hi David,

    Thank you so much for getting in touch, we really appreciate your time.

    So sorry to hear you are having trouble with the Visitor Generated Marker system. I would really like to get this sorted as soon as possible for you.

    Unfortunately our scheduled update is still in development at the moment, however we do hope to have this ready for release in the very near future.

    In the meantime, would you perhaps be open to sending me a link to your map so that I can run a few tests in order to confirm that no conflicts are present and responsible for the issues you are seeing?

    The right click and drag functionality should work as intended, and if there are intermittent issues this may be causing complications with functionality.

    I look forward to hearing back from you and getting this issue resolved as promptly as possible.

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    Hi David,

    Thank you for your time on this one.

    I had a look at your map and noticed the KML layers you mentioned previously.

    After running a few tests it appears that the right click is not working as intended as the right clicks are actually on/in the KML layer which is not handled by the map.

    This can be tested easily from your side by simply making your first click outside of one of the KML areas, and the marker will be added without any trouble.

    I then continued to look into ways of passing the right click from the KML layer to the primary map layers instead, however it appears this is not currently possible with KML files. I am currently looking into a solution which will find the markers position based on the pixel location within the map container, however I am not 100% certain this will work with KML layers.

    I simply wanted to provide you with an update in the meantime, while I test this on my side. I hope the above information helps shed some light on the issue?

    With regards to removing a marker on the front end, this is not currently supported and would require a bit of extra code, are you open to this? I would be happy to assist you with this if so.

    Could I ask you to confirm all version numbers currently running on your site?

    This would help in reproducing the environment as best possible on my side.



    Thanks for the update. I really appreciate your time on this.

    Adding KML’s and VGM’s are critical to the type of website i want to develop. I’ve asked other questions in the forum on issues relating to these features (Pro Add On/Troubleshooting/KML – maximum file size and number of KML URL’s?) and am awaiting a response. Without going into much detail i’d like to display an NDVI raster (KML seems to be the most suitable) for that land area and allow users to be able locate and mark the field of their choice.

    Thanks for the offer regarding the extra code for removing markers, however it isn’t a major issue i guess. More so that the markers can be placed and submitted easily by the user.

    There were also two other issues raised in the original email that i’d like your advice on.

    The versions i’m currently running are as follows;
    WordPress 4.8.1 with Kreatif theme
    WP Google Maps Version 6.4.05
    WP Google Maps Gold Version 4.03
    WP Google Maps Pro Version 6.13
    WP Google Maps VGM Version 3.00

    Again, i really appreciate your quick response and advice. Good luck with it all!


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