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    I updated from 6.1.9 to 6.1.10 on my ‘live’ site and now none of the Pro features display on the map. Everything was working great before then.

    I hate that I updated on the live site without testing on the sandbox, my bad, but the changelog looked innocuous. Ooops.

    Now, while all of the markers display, no custom information, icons, links, etc… display on the map. It’s like Pro doesn’t exist.

    I deactivated, reactivated; deleted, reinstalled. Nada. All the markers are still there in the table in the admin panel, but none of that info displays on the map.

    Any ideas? Really frustrating.

    Since it is (sadly) the live site version, you can see it here: clarkcountylive.com/neighborly-map/



    Updating this, as I found the link here on the site to the most recent version of Pro, downloaded it, overwrote the existing beta I had in place, and now we’re working again.

    As this was the first time since purchase that I updated, I just don’t recall seeing info on the update link.

    All good now. Thanks.

    Nick Duncan

    Hi Mitch.

    My apologies for the late response.

    So glad to hear you came right with this 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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