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    We’ve had no luck getting a theme’s developer to help resolve a map rendering issue. It seems he simply does not want to help because the theme we purchased (and he still sells) is now right at eight years old. In fact, in his last response to our support request he recommended we hire an independent developer to code a work-around. Yes, really.

    Currently the theme’s integrated map function correctly displays the location of property markers but does not display the background map of the area the property markers are actually located. In fact, when zooming out of the default map location the map layer shows a location in the Atlantic ocean off the coast of Africa. The markers are supposed to display over an area in New Mexico.

    That brings us to wondering if the pro version of WP Go Maps can effectively replace the map function in the theme so that the map displays the correct area in New Mexico while retaining the correct property markers.

    Your help is deeply appreciated

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