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    I will explain the problem I found
    The moment I go to select a category in the search of the Store Locator I am highlighted an area (always the same) of the map completely different than the one selected, (I used the categories to determine the areas of competence of the people registered)

    Furthermore the markers are no longer displayed

    Can you help me solve this problem?

    You can see:


    Hi there,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us.

    In order to use store locator you need to add some location for example Bari as you can see in the attached screenshot. Then select radius (300km in example) and one of the categories (Campania). Google Map will search all markers from Campania category in the area of 300km starting from Bari. In our example this shows up two locations.

    If you change radius to 5km it won’t find any location and your markers won’t show up until you hit Reset button or change other settings.

    Hope that helps. Thank you for your time in this.

    Best regards,

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    Hi Jerek
    I do not see the attached screenshot ..

    So I do not have to enter regions as categories?

    I did not understand, I’m sorry


    I’ve attached screenshot again.

    You can select category (the regions in your case). Please see screenshot. However the map doesn’t search for markers in selected region but search markers within the area that have selected category.
    As you can see in the screenshot I searched for markers in the area of 300 km from Bari. It only shows up markers that have selected category (Campania) and are placed 300 km around Bari (not in all region Campania). When I change radius to 10 km it won’t show up markers in Campania because there is no markers in this small area 10km around Bari.

    Hope it is clear now.

    Kind regards

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