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    John Gillett

    Love your plugin!


    I have selected store locator and category filter, but it does not allow filtering. Choosing any category, even “all” results in a not found message. Also, the “Filter by” box does not show.

    John Gillett

    Nigk – Problem gone!

    Nick Duncan

    Awesome 🙂
    Sorry for the delay


    Hi there John,

    I am also experiencing the same issue and no matter what I do I can only have the Filter by selector to filter by category or the Stor Locator search, but not both at once?
    Also the Store Locator when searching by state (since there is no filter by selector) it just place the map with a random marker randomly on the map, I was hoping that the store locator could also work as the Category Filter. In my case the category filter is by State, so ticking a state then hitting search should return all marker of that category? but not at all?

    I am starting to feel you can have the Category filter or the Store Locator not both??

    thanks for your time

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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