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    im working on huge touristic web for part of slovakia. we are importing huge numbers of POIs, Routes, Bike trails and so on..
    so far i was able to make point maps and mash them up together. But here are things i wanna ask aboout…
    importing biking routes.. we have data in GPX files.. which i can convert to kml and them link them to map .. we would need to mash up these maps.. and make a map with multiple routes..i tried to mashup maps linked with KML files and it didnt work, showed empty map. is there a way to attach more KML files to a map? or do it somehow with help of polylines? btw it would be nice if plugin would read out the info from kml and import it in map actually .. not only load from kml (which can get lost and so on)
    we would also need to mix single point maps with routes with KML..but mash up doesnt work aswell..
    i have no idea how would i do it.. and i really dont want to define polyline .. it has like 1000 points in it.
    and last thing .. i know in kml files there is an elevation profile of route… is there a way to show it in plugin ? do i need to upgrade to higher version ? cause i tried it in google earth.. and profile was shown without any troubles.
    If you could reply asap.. we would be grateful.

    Nick Duncan

    This will take some customisation. Please contact me on nick [@] and we’ll take it from there

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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