Plugin shows update, but already at latest.

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    I have the Pro plugin version 6.13 installed. In the Updates section, it shows there is an update, but it is the same version I am using. Clicking it does nothing but error out. Is there a way to remove the update notification for this version on my end?


    Hi there,

    Thank you so much for getting in touch, and our apologies for the issues you are having.

    We do see this update issue on some sites, and we will be looking into this in the next update.

    It is possible to disable this notice for the time being by altering the version number of the plugin. Specifically, changing it to Version 6.14.

    However this means the next update notice will be for version 6.15 or higher.

    Would you like me to guide you through this process?


    Yeah, I think I would like to change it. I’ll just set a reminder to keep an eye out for the actual update about once a week. Once we go live, I might change my mind, but for now, it would be nice to know how to temporarily fix this. Thanks.


    Hi there,

    Not a problem at all. 🙂

    Please follow the steps below to apply the changes:
    1. From the admin area -> Hover over the ‘Plugins’ menu item.
    2. From the sub-menu -> Click on the ‘Editor’ menu item,
    3. This will open the plugin code editor.
    4. From the dropdown menu on the right hand side -> Select ‘WP Google Maps Pro Add-on’.
    5. Press the ‘Select’ button to open the default file (wp-google-maps-pro/wp-google-maps-pro.php)
    6. Find the following line of code:

    $wpgmza_pro_version = "6.13";

    7. Check it to the following instead:

    $wpgmza_pro_version = "6.15";

    8. Save the file.

    This should remove the update notice, I hope this helps?


    I have the same problem with version of plugins… but as I see in code of wp-google-maps-pro.php downloaded from


    global $wpgmza_pro_version;
    global $wpgmza_pro_string;
    $wpgmza_pro_version = "<strong>5.71</strong>";
    $wpgmza_pro_string = "pro";

    maybe something is wrong with your updates distribution system

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    This change didn’t do anything. It still shows the update, although it now says I have version 6.15 and there is an upgrade to version 6.13.


    Hi sohaus & huntadmin,

    Could I ask you both to please get in touch with us via our support desk here: Contact Us – As this is not standard behavior.

    This will allow me to get this resolved ASAP for you.

    Please reference this topic so that your requests are filtered accordingly.


    Did this issue ever get solved? If so, how? It’s really annoying.


    I contacted them via this link, and they got back to me personally and fixed it.


    Hi pantra,

    Thank you so much for getting in touch, and thank you huntadmin for providing guidance as to the resolution of this issue.

    If you have attempted the process seen above for resolution, however are still running into this issue, we would definitely recommend getting in touch with us via our support desk: Contact Us

    We hope to assist you with this, and get this resolved as quickly as possible.

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