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    Hi, just a quick pre-sale question. Is it possible to embed audio files / mini podcasts into the popup markers for the maps?




    I have Basic 8.1.2 and Pro 8.1.1 installed

    Have tested plugins and no conflict. Have cleared history and no change.

    I have made some small modifications to give some padding to the filter box and change the data table headings but they do not affect the issues below.

    Map referred to is spiritual companions map

    I am struggling with the following and would be grateful for some help please:

    1) Pre last pro update, Modern interface worked for me but since update no longer works. But no problem could work with compact style. Tested again to see if Modern would work and my marker listings have all disappeared from display and cannot get them back.

    2) The data table (although I only have the headings) is not responsive.

    3) I cannot seem to remove the ‘Use my location’ – happy to have it except on my phone it is in an oval container which looks out of place with all other square containers.

    4) Again on my mobile device the store locator styling is very squashed.

    Please can you help – thank you.


    Modern interface not working and listing now disappeared ….

    Sorry I thought I was posting in Pro troubleshooting. My apologies will try and find the right place to post my issue.


    Hi. I need to update our site’s Map, but doing so requires the email address of the person who purchased it. It was installed two years ago by a developer we no longer work with. How can I transfer those permissions to an email address here?

Viewing 5 posts - 61 through 65 (of 65 total)
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