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    Great plugin first of all. Was hoping you could help though. I am using it to display missionaries that our church supports around the world (…this is a mirrored site for now but it might be live by the time you read this in which case it will be However, some of our missionaries at the same place (i.e. teachers at the same school). I would like to be able to feature both and hoped the gold version would help fix that but it appears that if multiple people have the same address, it only picks one of them (see the 2 that are in West Africa). Any way to display all the people that have the same address?



    Well, I figured I can just drag and drop the map marker over a little bit and that will separate them, but I have another question. Is there any way to make the location a different font size, weight, etc so that the name, location and description are very distinct to each other?

    Nick Duncan


    Sorry for the delay and thank you for purchasing my plugin. It seems as though you have come right with both of your questions. Do you still require my help?

    PS: I’d like to add a link to your map on our “Buy” page as an example, would you mind?

    Kind regards



    Yeah I got things figured out. Thanks. And no problem on using us as an example.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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