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    We’re in the midst of building a bunch of sites that are all responsive. WP Google Maps has been great and we’ve had no problem getting it to act the way want, but we did discover one issue.

    Normally, when you place a Google map, iOS knows what it is and how to work with it. You can pinch to zoom without a problem.

    However, we CAN’T pinch to zoom when inserting maps with WP Google Maps. Instead all that happens is the map get recentered in an unpredictable manner, so the visitor is basically lost and has to use the zoom tool (slider) to figure out where they are.

    Is there a fix for this? Is anyone else using WP Google Maps and not having this problem? Could this be a conflict? If it IS a bug, is it one we can expect to see fixed? If so, I’ll leave the plug-in installed and wait for the solution.

    Thx for any help or information you can provide. 🙂

    Nick Duncan

    Hi Jon

    Thanks for picking this up. It may have something to do with the Map being surrounded by Divs and preset styling. Have you tried removing the divs?

    I’ll also look into this problem ASAP and let you know when I come up with a solution..!

    Kind regards


    Thanx for your quick response and attention. I haven’ tried to remove the divs, but placed maps in heavily styled divs in the past without any issues. I wouldn’t have though that would present a problem. I’m also thinking this could just be a conflict or something…


    Okay, I’m back. I just checked this on another implementation of your plug-in and that one is working. I’m going to go through and see what might be conflicting.

    I may not have had to bother you after all. 🙂



    Okay, here’s what appears to be happening:

    Pinch to zoom works. I was incorrect. The problem is that the map’s center is someplace other than the center of the map, so when try to zoom in the map zooms, but also travels north.

    The other site I tested this one was NOT responsive, so I’m inclined to think it’s got something to do with that. Perhaps, as the div re-sizes it loses ‘center’. I’m not sure.

    I’m waiting for my wife to get back with my iPad so I can test it there. The iPad only uses responsive options in portrait view, so if this is the problem everything should work in landscape and then go nuts when I turn the iPad.

    Hope this makes some kind of sense. 🙂


    Verdict on the iPad: Doesn’t work right in either orientation. Pinch-zooming out makes the map travel north, and pinch-zooming in makes it travel south.

    The site we’re seeing this on isn’t public yet, but if you want to see if for yourself, you can email me your public IP and I’ll add you to our white list if you think that would be helpful.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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