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    Using latest Pro version. I have ~1100 markers that I manage in a Google Sheet and I do my Geocoding outside of wpgmaps (store it in the Google Spreadsheet).

    Many of my markers show up, but not the ones with a negative longitude.

    If I import with correct lat/lng in the CSV, they all show up in the list of markers, but not on the map. If I select a single marker and just put my cursor in the address field, Google usually finds the destination right away (same lat/long) and saving will make it show up on the map.

    I have tried exporting a CSV after manually setting location, but can find no differences from my generated CSV or any differences in the markers when looking in the database as well.

    Here’s an example where the first marker works fine, and the second doesn’t:

    ,1,"Fuggerstrasse 10, 86830, Schwabmünchen, Germany",,,,,48.1801945,10.7584134,0,Skvaier Oü ,0,0,1,0,0,,
    ,1,"19341 Detroit Rd, Rocky River, OH 44116, USA",,,,,41.4810571,−81.8366631,0,2Nd Sole,0,0,1,0,0,,

    When I open the US marker in wp, Google finds the address and saving used to put it in the right place, but now it simply uses 0 for longitude. This is the result of exporting after editing:

    1,1,"Fuggerstrasse 10, 86830, Schwabmünchen, Germany",,,,,48.1801945,10.7584134,0,"Skvaier Oü ",0,0,1,0,0,,
    2,1,"19341 Detroit Rd, Rocky River, OH 44116, USA",,,,,41.481057,0.000000,0,"2Nd Sole",0,0,1,0,0,,

    Please help me out guys! 🙂

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    Hi idaturesson,

    In the first example which includes the negative longitude, it looks like the negative symbol (-) could actually be a different character (another type of dash) rather than a minus sign.

    This could possibly be caused by the Google Sheet incorrectly interpreting the minus sign as a dash.

    For example if I copy your example lat/long directly into Google Maps, it will not show the USA location. However if I then manually delete the dash and replace it with a minus sign, it then works.

    Are you able to test this out with one of your csv locations. Simply delete the symbol before the longitude and then manually type it again using the minus sign on your keyboard.

    Let me know if this works for you.

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