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    I’ve been trying to reupload some markers to our map but they keep uploading in reverse even though I’ve manually given them their numbers (they are uploading from oldest to newest instead of newest to oldest – Ex: Article from 10/18/16 is number 287, Article from 1/18/19 is #367 but when I upload the 2016 is 367 & the 2019 is 287). Attached is my CSV where you can see the order of the IDs of how it’s supposed to upload (note: file is correct – website uploads in reverse order).

    Thank you!


    Diana Brooks

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    Hi there,

    Thank you so much for getting in touch with us.

    Markers will import in the order they appear in the CSV regardless of the IDs. So the first marker in the list will get the lowest ID value, and the last marker on the list will get the highest ID value.

    Thanks so much,

    Kind Regards,
    Trevor Anderson



    Ok! I’ll try that :). Thanks so much!!!

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