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    I just purchased the Gold add-on and there is something very strange going on.

    When I tap on a Numbered Cluster marker it zooms up, as you would expect, but when I click on one of the individual markers, a marker from a few blocks away will suddenly appear beside the one I just clicked on, moving from it’s original position, see the attached images.

    The page you can observe this on is HERE

    Is this possibly a conflict between the Pro and Gold add-ons ??

    Kindest regards
    Bam Bam

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    Hi there,

    Thank you so much for your time on this one, we really appreciate it.

    I had a look at your page and it appears you have ‘Near-Vicinity Marker Control’ enabled in addition to clustering.

    This will cause markers to be panned out in a web based on the ‘radius’ setup in the options.

    Please disable the ‘Near-Vicinity Marker Control’ option by clicking on Maps -> Settings -> And ensuring the option labelled ‘Enable Near-Vicinity Marker Control’ is not enabled.




    Thanks, you are still the man.

    Bam Bam



    My pleasure! Thank you! 🙂

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