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    1 : Hey, i have succesfully imported CSV, but i have a question, what if i want to upload many POI and then used them on different maps, or on maps which i havent created yet , is that posssible?

    2 : Is there a way to import route or polyline in similar way ? for example from gpx converted to csv or so?


    Hi Masleyko,
    I think it is easy to manipualte the table (wp_wpgmza) itself. You can use PHPMYADMIN. Change the map_id in the table to arrange the POI to different maps.
    I’m not sure if you can import them. I’m also using PHPADMIN to import directly into the tables (like wp_wpgmza_polylines). I’m also exporting directly from my MS SQL Server databases to MYSQL via DBLOAD.

    I strongly advise to do this only with sufficient database knowledge. Otherwise use only the import tools of Maps.

    Best regards,


    yea thanks .. im using combination of google earth pr , export to KML and then make map and link it to kml .. to show rout or routes ..

    i have knwowledge but no access to this webs phpmyadmin ..
    i can do that assigning of POIs in CSV as well ..
    i tried it but csv = comma separated values .. so what do i separate map numbers in Map_id column with ? space? ; or what sign … cause when i put 226,227 there .. marker is still shown only under 226 id map ..
    thanks for reply

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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