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    Hi, I realised that I am actually a Gold member so hoping that the request will be treated more quickly here;

    I have tried many of the fixes that were listed on the forum for the similar issue (checking the cache plugin, checking the Google api key, enabling the “over riding jquery” button in the settings) etc. still no luck.
    Apparently changing the google setting to 3.26 could help but I only have 3.23, 3.24 or 3.exp as options and yet my plugin is up to date.

    Really hope that someone can help. One week ago, the map was working fine.

    Here is the request I put in the “Pro” forum:

    I had asked for help with css for the infowindow but now my map is not showing at all. See it here:

    Explore the map

    I inspected the console and it has all of these errors. Can this help figuring out what the problem is and how to fix it please?

    JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed, version 1.4.1
    jquery.flexslider-min.js:6 Uncaught TypeError: (intermediate value)(…) is not a function
    at jquery.flexslider-min.js:6 A Parser-blocking, cross site (i.e. different eTLD+1) script,,visualization, is invoked via document.write. The network request for this script MAY be blocked by the browser in this or a future page load due to poor network connectivity. If blocked in this page load, it will be confirmed in a subsequent console message.See for more details.
    (anonymous) @ (index):390
    core.js?ver=5.73p:2434 [Deprecation] getCurrentPosition() and watchPosition() no longer work on insecure origins. To use this feature, you should consider switching your application to a secure origin, such as HTTPS. See for more details.
    MYMAP.(anonymous function).placeMarkers @ core.js?ver=5.73p:2434
    chrome-extension://kkdehodanbfebhhmpjfnlajdldkffehg/hack.js:99 toto
    marker-e1384021760326.jpg Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)
    util.js:210 Google Maps API warning: RetiredVersion
    iB.j @ util.js:210
    marker-e1384021760326.jpg:1 GET 404 (Not Found)

    Nick Duncan

    Hi there
    I’m going through your tickets now. Will be in touch shortly.

    Kind regards

    Nick Duncan

    It appears that flexislider is causing a JS error on that page. If you can disable the flexislider your map will display correctly. Alternatively, the flexislider code will need to be fixed if you want to continue to use both plugins together. If you are unable to fix this yourself, I can definitely get this done for you. If you would prefer that I get this done for you, please send me a temporary admin account via a PRIVATE reply to this forum ticket.

    Kind regards


    Hi, I saw that there was flexslider but i don’t have this as a plugin. Unless it’s the function used for the galleries on each post that my developer created.
    She is not available at the moment to help so yes, I would certainly appreciate you solving this for me. Sending you the info in a separate private message.


    I will need your email to create the admin user, which one do you want me to use?

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    PS. can you let me know where you see flexslider used on the site as of course, I don’t want to disable my galleries 😉


    Nick Duncan
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    Nick Duncan

    I’ll make sure I do not disable anything without your consent 🙂

    Nick Duncan

    Hi there
    I have fixed the issue.
    Please also note that you are using a caching plugin, so any change to the map will need your page cache purged before it will show as it should on the front end 🙂

    Please let me know if everything is now fixed on your side?

    Kind regards


    Thanks Nick, it works.

    I originally had posted another issue about the css for the infowindow, shall I start a new topic in the Gold forum on this?

    Nick Duncan

    My pleasure 🙂
    Yes please. I cannot find that forum topic.


    We are experiencing this error as well. Is there a post on how to fix it?


    Hi Beth

    Thank you for getting in touch with us.

    I’ve taken a look and your map and everything appears to be working as expected, without any errors on the page. Do you still require assistance with this?


    Hi, Im a pro, member, and Im having the same issue with my map, showing grey. Before it was atleast shoing one marker location and now it is stuck on grey. After I added 3 markers, now it is stuck, Also even though I changed the view options, I still do not see the plus / minus scroller in the google map. Please Help

    The Music Landmark Map

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