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    After looking at how cool this plugin was, I was wondering why I hadn’t used it previously. Then I figured out there isn’t (?) really ability to mashup based on post content maps.

    What I have used previously is a plugin that allowed us to put an address in a field within a post metabox. Then, if we did a ‘mashup’ (based on post ids or categories, etc…) all of those POI’s (or limit=x, sorted=date, etc…) would show up on the mashup, with each marker being a link back to the post.

    I see there is an ability to use a custom field for lat/lng/id to drop a map into a post, that’s ok for that need.

    But how do I create a mashup of all posts that have a location set in them? and if possible, based on something like id or category or tag?



    Hey there, polite ‘bump’ on this… been over a week, no reply, just needed more info. Thanks.

    Nick Duncan

    So sorry for the delay. I was hijacked and only returned to work recently.

    Please have a look at this:

    Does that help?


    No worries, welcome back. 🙂

    So unless I’m missing something, no that post is not reflective of what I want to accomplish. What I am saying is to place a map on a page (e.g. via shortcode), and on that map is a mashup of several POI’s taken from various sources (e.g. posts).

    Where the map would display POI’s based on the location that was in each individual post (maybe created on the post with the lat/lng custom field you reference) and the selection of POI’s would be based on some specified criteria.

    By way of example: Display the POI’s contained in the most recent 5 posts that were from either category ‘abc’ or ‘123’

    and that POI on the mashup would have the infowindow contain post information, and would link to the post upon click.

    If I am not explaining it well, sorry, 🙂 I can show you examples of what I had used previously, just let me know.



    I wanted to bump this… still looking for clarity if this plugin can do this.

    Again, if better explanation or examples needed, let me know, I’ll provide.

    Nick Duncan

    Hi Mitch 🙂

    This is not currently supported though I like the idea.
    We have slowly moved towards “custom field” functionality in posts/pages but we are still in the very early stages. We will slowly expand this functionality over the next few weeks and months and will hopefully get to the point where we can have the functionality you have mentioned above.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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