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    WP Google Maps V7.11.30
    Pro Add-on V7.11.36
    Gold Add-on V4.17

    Two issues:

    1. When I enable Advanced Options for marker clustering, clicking on the cluster icon on the front end no longer works. Nothing happens.

    2. When I enable Near-Vicinity Marker Control (not using legacy near-vicinity module), the Near-Vicinity Shape does not appear, only a single marker. When I click on that single marker, it animates into three markers – it shows the two markers with a third marker between the other two. Clicking the center marker animates the other two markers back into one. The near-vicinity markers are within a map cluster.

    Thanks for any help with this!



    Hi there

    Thank you for getting in touch, sorry to hear you are experiencing issues.

    1) Have you enabled click to zoom in your clustering settings in Maps -> Settings? We tested this as working, we couldn’t reproduce this issue at our end.

    2) That is the correct behaviour. The legacy system would show one marker, and create a web and zoom in when clicked. The new system still uses a “placeholder” marker to represent the group, but it separates them out in a zoom-independent fashion. You can disable animation if that isn’t desirable.

    When you say they are within a cluster, I’m not quite sure I follow here, is there an issue?

    The two system have similar but distinct purposes,

    The cluster is intended to reduce the number of features on the screen where you have dense markers, improving performance and presentation.

    The separator is intended for users who have multiple markers which are at the exact same location, allowing the end user to view multiple markers at a single location.

    The two can work together, you would need to tweak your settings to find a balance between the two to suit your use case.

    I hope that helps?

    Kind regards
    – Perry

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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