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    I can’t modify marker data and theme style setting are not working after update.

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    Hi There,

    Thank you so much for getting in touch with us, and our sincere apologies for the inconvenience and delayed response over the weekend.

    Unfortunately, we have recently experienced a bug when editing markers. However, we have now fixed this issue with our latest version 8.0.3 and Pro V7.11.59.

    Could I kindly ask if you could please update to the latest versions and please do let me know if this is now working for you?

    Regarding the issue with the theme reverting back to the default theme, it appears that this is a bug within WP Google Maps.

    I have now informed our lead developer and we will look into this issue.

    Once we have fixed this issue, we will release an update as soon as possible.

    Again, we do apologize for the inconvenience.

    We look forward to hearing back from you.

    Kind Regards,



    I have just updated to version 8.0.3 and 7.11.60 of the pro add-on.
    I’m experiencing the same issues.
    I can’t update marker data anymore.

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    I’m having the same problem as KimWolle and Trumpet, also when setting my Marking Listing Option to Advanced Table an error pops up saying ‘Processing…no matching records found” This had been working until now.

    I have updated to latest basic and pro.



    [quote quote=54887]Hi
    I have just updated to version 8.0.3 and 7.11.60 of the pro add-on.
    I’m experiencing the same issues.
    I can’t update marker data anymore.[/quote]

    its weird how you and I have version 7.11.60 but on the changelog >>

    there is no such version.



    FYI: I just updated both the standard version and the pro version to the latest versions, and it works fine again 👍



    Hi everyone

    Thank you for taking the time to report these issues, sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with the plugin.

    @arkwps – The changelog is for Pro 8. Pro 8 was released after Pro 7.11.58, and before Pro 7.11.59, therefore, Pro 7.11.59 and onwards do not appear in the Pro 8 changelog. When you view the changelog on your WordPress plugin page, you’ll see the Pro 7 changelog.

    Apologies for any confusion caused here, we will get that updated to reflect the most recent changelogs for each individual version later today.

    Please can we ask you firstly to all update to basic 8.0.6, and Pro 7.11.62, which are the most recent releases for the plugin and Pro 7 add-on. If any issues persist, can you please then get back to us. Updates have been frequent following the v8 release – we apologise for this however we would ask that you please apply the updates as more often than not these issues are solved on the day they are reported.

    You can force a check for updates by going to Dashboard -> Updates and clicking Check again.

    Please confirm if that solves your respective issues?

    Kind regards
    – Perry

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