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    Is there a way to link to a specific marker through a custom link (say, text) that is on the same page as the map? I would like a user to be able to click a link and be taken to the map, zoomed in on a specific marker, with that marker’s information window open.

    I see that markers can be linked to from separate pages using GET variables, but I’d like to be able to do this from the same page without the page reloading (as currently happens using GET variables).

    A similar request was made by jamesthebrit in this forum topic – has a solution been implemented in version 7?

    Thank you,




    Hi James

    Thank you for getting in touch!

    There is no built in way to do this however you could add JavaScript to your internal links to focus on the marker, something like this:

    javascript: WPGMZA.maps[0].getMarkerByID(123).panIntoView()

    Does that help?

    Kind regards
    – Perry

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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