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    I am desperately looking for a way to implement multiple images in my InfoWindow.

    I tried changing to code so that it accepts shortcodes but I found no plugin with shortcodes that generates a lightbox gallery which will work in an InfoWindow.

    What I need is a way for my client to be able to add a marker with some text and some images easily. These images would need to be converted to a lightbox (e.g.) so that they are displayed properly.
    Please assist me on this!



    Hi there,

    Thank you so much for taking a moment to get in touch, your time is really appreciated.

    Unfortunately WP Google Maps Does not integrate with any Lightbox plugins out-of-the-box.

    However it is possible that I may be able to assist you with integrating something. Could I ask you to confirm what plugins you have tried?

    I will then look into an alternative, and if I am able to find one, I could look at assisting you with the implementation. 🙂



    I have the same requirement. Did you work out which plugin would be the best one to use in order to implement a gallery inside the info window?



    Hi there,

    Unfortunately the user who originally asked the question did not take this further on our side.

    We would be happy to run a few tests with you? Are you interested in this from your side?



    Hi Dylan,

    I would be more interested in the experiment if this wasn’t our live site! The reason I asked was because some of our parks want to include gallery images. We have an older Park Locator which is based on this WP theme:

    It handles gallery images in a rather odd way, but it works. All map markers are basically posts; shortcodes work. To insert gallery images, you just add them into the editor using “insert media” and when they are displayed, the theme takes them and puts the images all into an accordion entitled “Gallery”.

    I realise this will be a big job, so I think that if the WPGmaps plugin could handle shortcodes somehow then that may be easier. (Still a big one!)



    Hi again,

    We have previously attempted to support shortcodes in the info windows, however we found that reliability was an issue here as some plugins load content outside of the standard WordPress execution loops.

    We will be adding shortcode support in the future, however we would like to look into ways of increasing the compatibility on this issue.

    I am so sorry for the inconvenience caused.



    Hi, I just found this thread looking for the same thing (being able to use lightbox on infowindow pictures. I’m using “Responsive Lightbox & Gallery”, are you able to help me make this work? (I’m guessing the problem is that the thumbnails don’t actually link to anything. Example page. Thanks for any help!



    We are looking for this feature in 2019. Would be much appreciated.

    Gallery in infowindow with lightbox


    Hi there,

    Thanks for getting in touch with us.

    The marker gallery feature has been added in version 8 and this will be released within the upcoming weeks.
    If you would like to get the beta version, we would be happy to send this to you and please do let me know if you would be interested in this.

    Thanks for your time.

    Best regards,

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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