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    You have created a custom map solution for me previously, so I’m turning to you again.
    I lead a small nonprofit dedicated to preserving and improving a 90-acre public park. The park has maybe 25 locations in it to which a narrative and sometimes a URL could attach. I want an app usable on a mobile that will guide the user from place to place and, when they get within a tight radius of a trigger place, the app fires an audio file and/or a URL. The map containing the trigger locations and programmed actions needs to be saved and available to any user to download into the app.
    I know that this kind of app is entirely feasible; see the proliferation of GPS Alarm apps. But i don’t see anything on the market that does what I need it to do. Are you interested?


    Hi Nicolaus

    Perry here again, I hope this finds you well!

    This kind of app is definitely feasible and we can help you achieve that for sure, unfortunately we’re at full capacity at the moment in terms of custom work and wouldn’t be able to accommodate this immediately – if you are able to wait two or three months and get back to us then we can look into this again in the future, I’m afraid we just don’t have the capacity for that right now with our v8 release coming up, as well as other major releases coming up in the near future.

    If you need a solution in a smaller window of time, and have a 3rd party developer you can work with then we would be more than happy to point them in the right direction.

    Kind regards
    – Perry

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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