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    It’s great that videos can be inserted in info windows (the reason I purchased this plugin), but it seems you can only do this by copying and pasting the iframe embed code from YouTube or Vimeo? The videos are not responsive (but the info window size is) so this messes up the responsiveness of the whole map.

    Any chance that future releases could:
    a.) use the built in WP oEmbed automatic embed feature (so you just paste in the video url)
    b.) be responsive or hook into any responsive video plugins or theme functionality like videos placed anywhere else do (I guess this would happen if it was using the built in embed function anyway).

    I have tried a few responsive plugins but shortcodes don’t work in info windows.

    I am trying some css and js fixes for responsive iframe embedded video, but no luck so far.

    It would be awesome if it was easy for my client to add videos to their website without having to mess around with embed code parameters every time they embed a video (it is a project video showcase website), so am interested if this is something planned in a release anytime soon?
    Thanks! 🙂


    Hi there

    My sincerest apologies for only getting back to you now.

    The plugin currently can only support Youtube videos in the info window.

    I will definitely propose your suggestions to the dev team and add them to our development schedule as feature requests though!

    I’d recommend making the video smaller than the info window, and centering it to create some form of ‘responsiveness’ in the map – unfortunately Youtube doesn’t allow for percentage widths in the videos at the moment though. So sorry about that.


    Thanks! Is this forum the best place to submit feature requests?

    We made the iframes responsive by putting them in a div and using some css ( you can generate responsive iframe embed code at embedresponsively .com). It would still be a lot easier for my non-technical client not to have to edit iframe embed codes though

    Nick Duncan

    Hi banannah

    Only a pleasure.

    Feature requests are more than welcomed here.

    If you are however able, please submit them on the Github profile (https://github.com/CodeCabin/wp-google-maps/issues). We’d really appreciate it.

    I have however added the above request to Github for you (https://github.com/CodeCabin/wp-google-maps/issues/168). Thank you very much for your feedback!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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