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    Hi guys,
    trying to get the map to work as expected, but the there is something funny going on with the infowindo that is displayed.

    I am using data from the ConnectionsPro Plugin.

    I imported my map data using the Connections Business Directory option. In the map I set up, at Advanced Settings I selected the Connections Business Directory option.

    The map appears to work, but when I click on the markers, the info window only has minimal data, no image or link.

    But, If I filter the map with the Filter by: dropdown and select a category there, and then click on one of the remaining markers the infowindow has the data I expect to see and a link to the listing.

    Similarly, the table underneath the map displays the results as per the map, but without the additional data I expect to see.

    I have set something up wrong? Can you help

    Many thanks

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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