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    Dear WPGMaps Team,
    we have been having a lot of issues with the plugin and the website-cache;
    We noticed this issue for the first time after we added an image to a marker and the image did not appear in the browser when we visited the page. Even when using incognito mode, the image was not displayed.
    We have tried using other caching plugins to store the websites cache, but they did not fix the issue at hand.
    We temporarily solved this issue by deleting our browser-cache after each change to the website.

    Here is a small list of issues we have run into regarding the cache:

    – Before deleting the browser-cache, POI images inserted in the back-end would not show up on the front-end, and after re-loading the back-end, they would not show up as inserted in the back-end either.

    – After deleting the browser-cache, POI images now sometimes appear twice as a slider in the front-end, while only one image is visible in the back-end.

    – One of us had two copies of the map appear in the back-end, which they cannot delete.

    To visit the website, here is the link:


    In best regards,
    Chris Reinwand

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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