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    I just upgraded to version 9. I tried switching from the legacy build to the Atlas Novus build. The attached screenshot shows my list of map markers for one of my maps. The column labeled “title” actually shows my categories. When I try to order the markers by that column, it orders the markers by title, but the column still shows my categories. I absolutely need to order my markers by category. I don’t see a column titled categories like there is in the legacy build. I also absolutely need to see my images and I don’t see a way to view my images on the marker listing page. I thought that maybe I could expand the editing field to the right to see more columns, but I don’t see a way to do that. Am I missing something, or am I really limited to “ID”, “icon”, “title”, and “address” in the Atlas Novus build? I hope I’m missing something.

    Just in case you are looking for feedback, I really don’t like the way the “edit”, “trash”, and “duplicate” buttons are stacked vertically on the maps page. I have several maps, and it just increases the scrolling distance without any added benefit.

    I switched back to the legacy build and so far everything seems to be working properly with the legacy build.

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