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    Is the android app supposed to be able to stay open? I see the app closing itself after about 10 minutes, I’ve tested this on two different devices (brands), and the same behavior occurs. The app pushes updates as expected, as long as the app is running and the screen is turned on, with the App on the screen (which your documentation could be more specific about if you ask me), then after about 10 minutes, the app closes and stops pushing. This occurs even in developer mode on the android device with the power on as long as phone is plugged in option is enabled.

    Also, a second (less important questions) – is there a reason that the App hits the server like 20 times (or more) when it pushes the location update? The real time data push makes a noticeable impact on the server as the real time tracking is in effect. I’ve attached an excerpt from the log.

    If there’s anything else I can do to help troubleshoot this, please don’t hesitate to ask. This is an important client for me, as I’ve built several websites for this particular guy.


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    Hi there,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us and reporting this. The App shouldn’t close itself. There is an option which allows you to send data every specific time but 30sec is the lower limit.

    We need to do some test on our side to find the cause of this. We’ll let you know how to resolve this as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your time in this.

    Best regards


    Any updates on this? Have you guys been able to replicate this issue?

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