PHP Version Support and Fatal Errors

This document covers WP Go Maps PHP Version Support and is relevant to users experiencing fatal errors after updating to Version 7.

An example of a fatal error caused by using an (old) incompatible version of PHP:

Parse error:

syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 2184

As of the release of WP Go Maps Version 7, we have dropped support for PHP versions under (but not including) version 5.3.

For those users still running 5.2 and lower, we apologise for the inconvenience. 5.2 is somewhat antiquated and has been given “End of life” status in the supported versions documentation from the PHP group.

Dropping support for the older versions allows us to make use of the newer language constructs available in 5.3 and above, which lets us deliver great new features and cutting edge code.

Here are instructions on how to switch PHP version for cPanel, this documentation is for GoDaddy, but the process should be virtually identical for any other popular host.

Please see here for instructions on how to switch PHP version for Plesk.

Users who are unable to switch to a higher version of PHP who are experiencing fatal errors will need to roll back to the previous version (6.*) of WP Go Maps and the Pro add-on if applicable. Please use FTP to delete the plugin folders if your site is inaccessible.

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