I’m Getting a Maps Multiple API Error

This article covers troubleshooting a Google Maps Multiple API error with the WP Go Maps. This documentation is current for WP Go Maps version 6.

WP Go Maps includes a script which removes all previous calls to external APIs on the page where our map loads. This does not always work as some API calls are deeply embedded. In these cases you may still see the “you have included the google maps api multiple times on this page” error.

If you are encountering the Maps Multiple API error message, follow these steps to prevent WP Go Maps from loading the Google Maps API itself.

See WordPress Dashboard → Maps → Settings


When the Settings page loads you should be on the Maps tab. Scroll down until you see

  • Scroll down until you see Troubleshooting Options. Find
  • Find Do not load the Google Maps API (Only check this if your theme loads the Google Maps API by default). Click the toggle button (the default is
  • Click the toggle button (the default is No) so that it says Yes.


This will stop WP Go Maps from loading a call to the Google Maps API.

Note that some plugin functionality may not be available after taking this step since the other call to the API may not include the same parameters as ours. However, the map should display properly on your site and you will no longer have this warning appear.

If you need further assistance, feel free to post on our Support Forums or visit our Support Desk.

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