Documentation – Translating the plugin with WPML

WP Go Maps Basic and Pro version 8.1 and above support translation with WPML.

WPML allows you to easily translate the user interface of WP Go Maps on your site. This document does require you to have WPML installed on your site.

The following documentation shows how to add translations for WP Go Maps within WPML, and assumes that you have already Set up WPML on your site.


The following plugins are required for WordPress Multilingual Plugin Integration:

  • WP Go Maps >= 8.1.0
  • WPML Multilingual CMS
  • WPML String Translation

Please note: Marker data translations (Dynamic data) is currently not supported, meaning it is not currently possible to translate marker titles or descriptions. We are working on adding support for dynamic translations in the future.

Translate Page/Post

Navigate to the page/post where the WP Go Maps shortcode or widget will be placed.

Ensure the page is translated to the target language to fully support language switching.

Scan WP Go Maps for translation strings

Navigate to the “Themes and plugins localization” area within WPML

WPML -> Themes and plugins localization

Select “WP Go Maps” and/or “WP Go Maps – Pro Add-on” and click “Scan selected plugins for strings”.

WPML will scan and locate all the strings within our plugin which can be translated.

Once the scan is complete, you should see updated string counters within this area.

String translation

Navigate to the “String Translation” page

WPML -> String Translation

Search for the string that you would like to translate with WPML.

Click on the “+” icon under the flag of the language that you would like to translate.

The translation window will appear where you may enter in your preferred translation.

You can save your translation by hitting the Enter or Tab keys on your keyboard or by simply clicking out of the window.

Once you have completed translation, they will become available on your site, depending on the language option selected.


We have prepared an example of our store locator, translated with WPML below.




Should you be experiencing issues whereby the translations are not being implemented on the frontend, please may you enable the “Look for strings while pages are rendered” setting (WPML -> String Translation).

We highly recommend reading additional documentation from the WPML team. If you require any assistance with getting your translations set up, please feel free to contact us.

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