Real-Time Location Tracking


This article covers real-time location tracking in WP Google Maps. This feature requires WP Google Maps Pro and the WP Google Maps Gold Extension and is not available in the free version of WP Google Maps. This article is based on WP Google Maps v6.4.05, WP Google Maps Pro v6.18, and WP Google Maps Gold AddOn v4.03.


Note: All use of real-time location tracking requires a secure connection to your website. You must have a valid SSL certificate and be enforcing HTTPS at least on any page where a map utilizing real-time location is used.


In order to start tracking your location in real time from your mobile device and showing your location on a map on your website, the following is required:



Once all the above has been installed and activated, create and configure your Map and Android App to track your location.


Create a map (See WordPress Dashboard → Maps → Add New).


Click the Location Tracking tab.

Enable Location Tracking by clicking the Enable Location Tracking toggle button so that it says Yes

Click the Save Map button at the bottom of the page.


Open the WP Google Maps Real Time Location Tracking app on your Android device and insert your site URL.


  • Insert the Map ID for the map created above.
  • Select the interval of when you would like to send your location (between 30 seconds and 60 minutes).
  • Insert a Market Title.
  • Save the app settings.
  • Refresh the Map Editor page in WP Admin (if still open) or open the Map created above in the editor.
  • Click on the Location Tracking tab and approve your device. It should be shown under the Devices section.
  • Your location should now be sent to your Map at the interval you set above.


Remember to add the Map shortcode to a Post or Page on your site so that it appears on your WordPress site.



This article covers Real-Time Location Tracking with the WP Google Maps Pro. If you need further assistance, feel free to post on our Support Forums or visit our Support Desk.


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