WP Google Maps – Pro Add-on Changelog

This article covers the changelog for WP Google Maps Pro Add-on.

Updated 2019-10-16 07:34:55

8.0.1 :- 2019-10-08
Added streetview, bearing and pitch attributes for shortcode
Fixed issue with MarkerRatings class missing (fixes cannot save global settings, markers not displayed on some installations)
Fixed Warning: unserialize() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given
Fixed restructured code preventing marker delete and approve buttons from working
Fixed marker description shortcodes not rendered over REST API
Merged in 7.11.58

8.0.0 :- 2019-10-07
Added Advanced Custom Fields integeration
Added WooCommerce / ToolSet integration
Added Sort by Distance for marker listings
Added zoned searching (auto) for store locator
Added settings for directions box behaviour
Added route color, weight and opacity settings for directions
Added start and destination icon pickers for directions
Added text labels for polygons
Added descriptions for polygons
Added support for Directions with OpenLayers through OpenRouteService
Added bulk JPEG upload
Added marker gallery to support multiple images per marker
Added lightbox to expand marker gallery items upon click
Added new Grid style marker listing
Added several new REST API endpoints
Added date and time custom field filtering widgets
Added new theme editor
Added global user interface style setting
Added category sort order setting
Added sticky markers (always on top of marker listing)
Added comprehensive logging, log view and log download for imports and scheduled imports
Significant performance optimizations

7.11.58 :- 2019-10-03 :- Low priority
Fixed "All" missing from datatables page size dropdown
Added polyfill for slice on Uint8Array, fixing issues with compressed path variables and IE
Removed code which enqueues DataTables for Pro, this is handled by Basic's ScriptLoader
Added isFilterable property to Marker
Removed .gitattributes from production build

7.11.57 :- 2019-09-26 :- Medium priority
Added new property isFilterable to markers
Fixed store locator search making separator grouped markers visible when group state was closed, obscuring group placeholder (group would not open)
Fixed hide all markers until a search is performed not working with marker separator
Fixed "zero results" message showing after resetting store locator when hide all markers until a search is performed is enabled

7.11.56 :- 2019-09-24 :- Medium priority
Added Astra theme compatibilty module, fixes InfoWindows not opening with Astra theme
Fixed invalid heatmap gradient JSON breaking map edit page
Fixed sort order wrong after initial advanced tables pagination on servers that interpret string "false" as true

7.11.55 :- 2019-09-19 :- Medium priority
Fixed create shapes buttons not working in map edit page before Global Settings (engine) have been saved
Fixed Modern Store Locator Radius causing Safari (mobile) to reload page
Fixed Advanced Table sort order not respected after pagination first changed

7.11.54 :- 2019-09-13 :- Medium priority
Added markerlistingupdated.wpgmza event to AdvancedTableMarkerListing
Fixed markers not visible in Internet Explorer when using OpenLayers (append is not a method)
Removed try/catch around legacy core marker add code to ease debugging

7.11.53 :- 2019-09-10 :- Medium priority
Added more comprehensive logging for CSV imports, including when address empty and no coordinates
Added jQuery dependency for remodal, fixes JS errors in edge cases
Fixed poor desktop user experience with checkbox custom field filter widget
Fixed issue where sort would be ignored with advanced table when overrideListingOrderSettings had been cast to an integer
Removed experimental polygon label function

7.11.52 :- 2019-08-28 :- Medium priority
Added new setting importer_google_maps_api_key
Added additional protocol stripping to WPGMZA.ProMarker.prototype.updateIcon (fixes some icons not loading when migrating to https://)
Adding icons through Marker Library (Mappity.org) now creates media attachments
Changed deprecated references to wpgmza_localized_strings to WPGMZA.localized_strings
WPGMZA.ProInfoWindow now dispatches infowindowopen.wpgmza with modern styles
Fixed all URL imports (except Google Sheets) assumed to be JSON format, now uses extension (will use Content-type in the future)
Fixed mashupIDs not used by ProMarkerFilter
Fixed 0 key custom fields being added to custom field data

7.11.51 :- 2019-08-12 :- Medium priority
Fixed $ is undefined in legacy-map-edit-page.js since 7.11.49 on some installations

7.11.50 :- 2019-08-09 :- Medium priority
Fixed users below administrator level can't use marker library
Fixed JSON importer not correctly remapping categories
Fixed "hide all markers before a search is done" hiding markers on back end

7.11.49 :- 2019-07-31 :- Medium priority
Added nonce check to duplicate map function
Fixed map type setting not "live" in map editor
Fixed map type setting not initially reflected in map editor

7.11.48 :- 2019-07-29 :- Medium priority
Fixed store locator not working in OpenLayers since 7.11.47 due to missing nonce

7.11.47 :- 2019-07-29 :- Medium priority
REST API security enhanced with additional per-route nonces
getScrollAnimationOffset now accounts for WP admin bar height
removeMarker now closes marker InfoWindow before removing it
Fixed advanced table search having no effect when used in conjunction with a store locator search
Fixed markers not removed from map panel following bulk delete
Fixed notice when entry already exists in category import

7.11.46 :- 2019-07-23 :- Medium priority
Fixed marker library not saving icon on category page
Fixed duplicate primary key notice when saving categories

7.11.45 :- 2019-07-22 :- Low priority
Added infowindowopen event for Modern style infowindows
Added new filter wpgmza_legacy_localize_polygon_data
Altered wpgmza_get_category_data to respect category priority
Fixed category priority not respected by marker category icon in map panel

7.11.44 :- 2019-07-11 :- High priority
Closed potential security vulnerabilities
Added console warning when older version of dataTables is loaded
Fixed category filtering not working with legacy style store locator
Fixed click event for map firing when a marker is clicked
Re-added AJAX fallback for setups with REST API blocking

7.11.43 :- 2019-07-05 :- Medium priority
Fixed category filtering not working with modern style store locator
Fixed marker links being stripped of percent encoded characters

7.11.42 :- 2019-07-02 :- Low priority
Added admin-ajax fallback for when REST API is blocked

7.11.41 :- 2019-06-25 :- Low priority
Mappity (Marker Library) loading deferred until dialog opens

7.11.40 :- 2019-06-24 :- Medium priority
Added new event userlocationmarkerplaced.wpgmza
Fixed advanced table marker listing stuck on "Processing..." when no results are found
Fixed "Get directions" in InfoWindow not working
Fixed checkbox category filtering not triggering filter update
Fixed REST API warning persisting after dismissal

7.11.39 :- 2019-06-21 :- Medium priority
Fixed marker listing category filter not triggering filtering update since last update
Fixed marker listing directions link not working

7.11.38 :- 2019-06-19 :- Medium priority
Fixed store locator category checkboxes triggering marker filter to update before any buttons were pressed
Fixed undefined variable notice in class.pro-admin-marker-table.php
Fixed clicking advanced table marker listing list item not updating map panel

7.11.37 :- 2019-06-18 :- Low priority
Added checkbox to disable Autoptimize workaround for setups where the workaround prevents CSS aggregation
Performance for filtering and marker listings significantly improved when using REST caching / CDN and experimental compressed request setting
Fixed issues with Safari and modern style store locator radius, check now added to ProStoreLocator module

7.11.36 :- 2019-06-12 :- Low priority
Improved handling of invalid JSON data in custom fields attribute column
Fixed ambiguous column `active` in page.categories.php
Fixed store locator center point icon not respected

7.11.35 :- 2019-06-06 :- Low priority
Added experimental setting "Use compressed path variables" to enable CDN's and JSON caching plugins to cache REST responses
Added notice when PHP version is 5.4.45 in which a PHP bug causes localization to fail
Fixed custom field ID's being writable

7.11.34 :- 2019-06-03 :- Medium priority
Added nonce to settings form on admin post action
Attempting to set a custom field which does not exist will now create the field
Changed background to background-image in data_table_front.css to allow more flexible control over table headings in Advanced Table marker listing
Fixed error in class.pro-marker-filter.php when Basic has non-standard folder name

7.11.33 :- 2019-05-29 :- Medium priority
Added properties category and categories to ProMarker
ProMarker categories can now be set as an array or as a comma separated string through new properties
JSON importer now uses CRUD classes
Fixed lat and lng shortcode attributes not working
Fixed "can't use method return value in write context" on PHP <= 5.4
Fixed "no results found" not showing when new MarkerFilter returns zero results

7.11.32 :- 2019-05-23 :- Medium priority
Tested with WordPress 5.2.1
Fixed Modern Store locator title search not working
Removed !important from CSS for border on .wpgmza-basic-listing-image-holder img

7.11.31 :- 2019-05-21 :- Medium priority
Fixed $ is undefined in legacy-map-edit-page.js
Fixed store locator category filter triggering marker listing category filter update mechanism
Fixed google maps check in core.js
Fixed ProMarkerFilter update not working with hide all
Add support for Google MyMaps KML polygon style (normal/highlight) imports
Add support for Custom Field importing via marker CSV imports

7.11.30 :- 2019-05-20 :- Medium priority
Added checks for non-standard basic directory name causing errors in class.pro-map.php
Added new settings WPGMZA.settings.forceNativeDirections
Fixed polygons and polylines not visible when engine is undefined (checks now assume Google by default)
Fixed "Hide all markers until a search is done" revealing all markers when a not found location is entered
Relaxed MIME type checking for JSON in scheduled imports (pending fix on a WordPress issue)

7.11.29 :- 2019-05-13 :- Low priority
Tested with WordPress 5.2
Added more robust error handling for missing files and failed initialisations (when NOT in developer mode)
Added more robust checks for Custom Fields tables in CustomFields::installed()
Fixed notice in legacy-core.php

7.11.28 :- 2019-05-08 :- Low priority
Fixed REST API endpoint / map editor not retreving a ProMarker, causing custom fields to be blank in editor
Added the ability to toggle auto night mode as well as a theme
Added a min height to bakend map so that it does not break when height is set to 100%
Added alt attribute to all marker listing styles
Added shift-click range selection to admin marker table
XML URL's are now protocol-less, solving issues when migrating to a secure site

7.11.27 :- 2019-04-16 :- Medium priority
Added categories JS module
Fixed incorrect value being interpreted as "yes" for the setting "store_locator_hide_before_search"
Fixed search not working for admin marker DataTable
Re-allowed iframe, input, select, option and img in description for users below administrator

7.11.26 :- 2019-04-12 :- Medium priority
Fixed "wpgmaps_localize" is undefined on map edit page when default marker is applied

7.11.25 :- 2019-04-10 :- Medium priority
Fixed markers disappearing after adding or editing marker following XML pull fix
Fixed memory leak on map edit page when adding, editing or removing markers
Corrected store locator circle covers polygons making them unclickable

7.11.24 :- 2019-04-09 :- Medium priority
Prevented reading $_GET['id'] in map setting overrides, this is now ignored, as it was causing conflicts on some setups
Re-implemented search for string in category and custom field data for admin marker table and Advanced style marker listing
Fixed undefined variable notice in class.category.php
Fixed infowindow displaying incorrect marker data on map edit page when using XML pull method
Fixed country restriction not respected by OpenLayers
Fixed Exporter where the deleted maps shows in the JSON file
Added Automatically Pan to user location setting

7.11.23 :- 2019-04-03 :- Medium priority
Re-implemented behaviour to hide all markers on store locator reset when "Hide all markers before a search is done" is selected
Fixed custom field filters not showing following Gutenberg Custom CSS fix (7.11.22)
Fixed wpgmaps-admin.css being enqueued on the front end

7.11.22 :- 2019-04-02 :- Low priority
Relaxed importer security restrictions to allow importing PHP over URLs (currently assumes JSON)
Added shortcode attribute classname
Added missing custom fields in modern infowindows feature
Fixed Custom CSS classes in Gutenberg editor not being applied

7.11.21 :- 2019-03-28 :- Low priority
Added "Hide points of interest"
Fixed infowindow opening on store locator center marker
Fixed animation and infowindow dropdowns blank when editing marker
Fixed SEO tools reporting 404 on Print Directions link

7.11.20 :- 2019-03-20 :- Medium priority
Improved performance on saving markers and maps, rebuildTableFromLegacyField only performs operation on relevant object
Marker description no longer passed through KSES function for administrators
Moved code to initially add markers to clusterer into onMarkersPlaced in ProMap
Fixed "cat" shortcode attribute not being applied when no category filtering UI controls are present
Fixed develoer mode checkbox not reflecting setting when developer mode is enabled
Fixed "hide all markers until a search is done" causing only markers in the first search radius to appear on the map
Fixed clusters appearing before a search is done when "hide all markers until a search is done" is selected

7.11.19 :- 2019-03-18 :- Medium priority
Fixed GDPR notice not displayed when it should be, when Google Translate JS API is loaded
Fixed emojis in description field breaking marker add/save mechanism
Fixed incorrect logic causing unapproved markers to appear in marker listing
Fixed store locator marker not cleared after resetting store locator search
Fixed store locator circle not cleared after resetting store locator search
Disabled infowindow on store locator center point marker

7.11.18 :- 2019-03-15 :- Medium priority
Prevented iterateOverMarkerData being called more than once per map, fixing filtering and clustering inconsistencies
Performance improved by only allowing iterateOverMarkerData to be called on initialisation

7.11.17 :- 2019-03-14 :- Medium priority
Changed isset check to empty check on developer_mode
Fixed developer mode being checked when developer_mode is false in memory

7.11.16 :- 2019-03-13 :- Low priority
Fixed markerid URL logic sometimes failing
Fixed mzoom ignored on URL
Fixed Google / Apple / Maps App directions link opening on current location due to lack of GPS coordinates on Modern infowindows

7.11.15 :- 2019-03-11 :- Low priority
Added try/catch around legacy core.js marker add code to catch invalid marker data and issue console warning
Fixed "Hide address column" hiding title instead of address for Basic Table style marker listing
Fixed calling setZoom immediately after panTo on OpenLayers map cancelling pan animation

7.11.14 :- 2019-03-08 :- Low priority
Fixed modern marker listing marker view not working correctly with mashups
Fixed full width button container on modern marker listing obscuring close buttons

7.11.13 :- 2019-03-07 :- Low priority
Fixed store locator search creating duplicate markers
Fixed "Use My Location" button not appearing in Modern style store locator
Re-added "Use my location" button to store locator

7.11.12 :- 2019-03-05 :- Medium priority
Changed "Gold is not compatible with OpenLayers" notice to advise useres to update to Gold 4.11 or above to use Gold with OpenLayers
Changed Google Maps API error handler to render in a panel rather than in a modal dialog
Fixed jQuery shorthand in legacy-map-edit-page.js preventing marker edit on some installations
Fixed Circle.createInstance returning OLCircle by default where engine is undefined (the default engine is Google)
Fixed inconsistent behaviour with "Hide fields" settings in Maps -> Settings -> Marker Listings, code is now implemented in MarkerListing::removeHiddenFields
Fixed some columns missing in various marker listing styles
Re-added Link column to Advanced Table

7.11.11 :- 2019-03-01 :- Medium priority
Changed pointer cursor to default cursor when hovering a marker with "disable infowindows" set
Improved store locator UX - address and title search no longer cleared by resetting
Stopped markers being removed by InitMap following recent filtering optimizations
Fixed InfoWindow title not displayed in default style infowindow
Fixed global "disable infowindows" not respected
Fixed ProInfoWindow not detecting empty fields correctly and omitting corresponding elements
Fixed buttons missing from modern style infowindows

7.11.10 :- 2019-02-28 :- Medium priority
Moved "User location marker" code to ProMarker, ProMap and ProInfoWindow
Moved wpgmaps_lang_my_location from global scope to WPGMZA.localized_strings
Moved check for modern marker listing style above check for native style infowindow, fixing both styles opening
Moved infowindow starts open, click opens link, shortcode to open marker and GET to open marker infowindow to ProMarker module
Re-factored and moved code to build default style infowindow to ProInfoWindow module
Removed "User location marker" code from core.js
Dropped !important from default InfoWindow image max width
Improved JavaScript performance by deferring InfoWindow HTML creation until needed
Non-standard jQuery versions now issue console warning rather than cancelling map initialisation
Fixed "Get directions" from marker listing not populating "To" field in modern style marker listing
Fixed mashups preventing marker listing from being displayed
Fixed Modern style marker listing trying to open on user location marker
Fixed Modern style marker listing trying to open on store locator center marker
Fixed marker filter affecting user location marker
Fixed "undefined" infowindow over user location marker

7.11.09 :- 2019-02-25 :- Low priority
Custom field filter reset button now sets dropdowns to their placeholder, as opposed to none / the first item
Fixed both style infowindows opening when map has never been saved
Fixed max infowindow width not being respected for default style infowindows
Fixed infowindow close event firing after infowindow element removed

7.11.08 :- 2019-02-22 :- Medium priority
Added try/catch in legacy-map-edit-page.js to catch bad latitude and longitude, issue warning and continue execution
Fixed bad marker ID in ProInfoWindow.open preventing modern style infowindows from opening in some circumstances

7.11.07 :- 2019-02-21 :- Medium priority
All marker data is now passed to WPGMZA.Marker.createInstance
Fixed undefined notice wpgmza_marker_list_ouput when using mashups
Fixed filtering not working correctly for mashup maps

7.11.06 :- 2019-02-20 :- Medium priority
Improved modern store locator UX by switching reset button back to search button when text is inputted into address field
Moved infowindow open and close code from core.js to Marker and InfoWindow modules
Moved infowindow open code from core.js to Marker Listing module
Added property "style" to WPGMZA.MarkerListing
Added global setting "disable_scroll_on_marker_listing_click" (not yet present on UI)
Added global setting "zoom_level_on_marker_listing_click" (not yet present on UI)
Added global setting "marker_listing_item_click_scroll_offset" (not yet present on UI)
Added event infowindowopen.wpgmza
Added event infowindowclose.wpgmza
Added timeout to prevent multiple control change events firing causing multiple, identical filtering requests to be issued
Added code to abort previous filtering request when controls change
Fixed previously opened infowindow not closing when opening a new default style infowindow
Fixed inconsistencies where different InfoWindow styles were picked in global vs local map settings
Fixed filtering not correctly applied when controls are rapidly changed
Fixed "disable double click zoom" logic flipped
Fixed bulk delete not working due to removed legacy function
Fixed "show user location" only working on last map where multiple maps were present

7.11.05 :- 2019-02-15 :- Low priority
Added code to support sort by distance in Pro v8
Re-added data-wpgmza-datatable-options attribute to datatables
Fixed "infowindow starts open" only working for one map on pages with multiple maps
Fixed clicking a marker on one map closes infowindows on other maps
Fixed undefined variable notice in class.export.php

7.11.04 :- 2019-02-13 :- Medium priority
Shortcode attributes are now passed to map element through data-shortcode-attributes
DataTables is no longer enqueued twice on map edit page
DataTables translation re-applied following new AJAX implementation
Fixed undefined variable proper_filename in page.import-export.php
Fixed filtering broken when no custom field filter controller present
Fixed search features broken on some installations where custom field filter tries to initialise before map
Fixed store locator keyword search not working due to malformed query
Fixed category shortcode attribute being ignored
Fixed marker listing not reflecting modern store locator results due to radius not being transmitted

7.11.03 :- 2019-02-11 :- Medium priority
Added extra functions to LatLngBounds to support upcoming Gold patch (extendByPixelMargin, contains)
Added Caltopo to tile servers
Replaced $ with jQuery in several points in legacy-map-edit-page.js
Fixed issues editing markers, rectangles or circles on installations where $ is undefined on the map edit page
Fixed custom field dropdown filter widget using * to represent "all", where an empty string should be used instead

7.11.02 :- 2019-02-06 :- Medium priority
Moved basic version check out of legacy-core.php
Marker listings now show blank instead of all results when no store locator matches are found
Fixed advanced table stuck on "Processing" when no results are present
Fixed show all marker listing list items breaking advanced table marker listing
Fixed Advanced Table marker listing not respecting initial order settings

7.11.01 :- 2019-02-05 :- Medium priority
Added code to attempt to parse improperly escaped map settings JSON
Added code to catch exceptions when parsing map setting data fails, issuing a console warning
Restored old behaviour of Marker Category filter still used when "No Marker Listing" selected
Dropped all redundant listing filtering AJAX calls
Stripped all redundant listing JS and listing filtering JS from core.js
Fixed filter not clearing when no categories are selected
Fixed "Map Type" not being applied
Fixed marker not focusing upon Advanced Table item click
Fixed infowindow not opening upon Advanced Table item click
Fixed native and custom CSS and JS not binding to Advanced Table items due to missing classnames
Fixed filtering not applied to Advanced Table marker listing
Fixed store locator reset not triggering marker listing update

7.11.00 :- 2019-01-30 :- Medium priority
Added pagination to all marker listing styles
Added javascript ; to directions links for styling purposes
Added classnames to custom field admin table rows for back end and UGM
Added address geocoder and option to JSON importer
Added WPGMZA.LatLng.prototype.toLatLngLiteral
Removed map edit page 5,000 marker limit
Changed KML JS to use map_id rather than entry
Relaxed importer file type security checks preventing JSON import
Nominatim Cache now records country restriction
Improved robusticity of data-settings attribute handling
Marker listings now use JSON endpoint
Nominatim Cache now records country restriction
Animated scroll disabled on marker list item click when push in map is used
"Push in map" no longer affects Modern style marker listing
XML caches will only be regenerated when setting was DB previously
XML caches are no longer formatted, giving a performance boost
Checks for namespace, DOMDocument and WP REST API added in main file, a warning is issued if these are missing rather than a fatal error
Relaxed OLProMarker.setIcon to issue warning on an invalid icon rather than throwing an error
Fixed all filtering issues with Modern style marker listing
Fixed admin marker table resetting after adding / editing marker
Fixed and re-added link column to advanced table marker listing
Fixed slashes accumulating in map title where apostraphies are used
Fixed apostraphy in map title breaking JSON
Fixed duplicate primary key notice when creating first category in debug mode
Fixed country restriction not respected by OpenLayers
Fixed interaction controls (disable pan, double click zoom and mousewheel) ignored in OpenLayers due to wrong scope
Fixed zoom limits not respected in OpenLayers
Fixed zoom limits incorrectly interpreted by Google
Fixed "minZoom cannot exceed maxZoom" breaking Google maps when settings are reversed
Fixed modern style marker listing not working with mashup maps
Fixed WPGMZA.getCurrentPosition not firing callback until user moves position

Print directions now opens in a new tab

7.10.59 :- 2019-01-10 :- Medium priority
Temporarily removed new "link" column from advanced table pending a fix to DataTables error

7.10.58 :- 2019-01-09 :- Medium priority
Added universal workaround for non-visible maps not rendering properly when they become visible (tabs, accordions, etc.)
Moved event markersplaced.wpgmza into iterateOverMarkerData
Changed behaviour when map becomes visible to fire resize event, not reset the entire map
Fixed "InfoWindow starts open" not working with XML cache
Fixed "More Details" displayed on marker listing rows with no link

7.10.57 :- 2019-01-02 :- Medium priority
Fixed infowindows not opening on second map
Fixed can't close modern style infowindow
Removed CSS causing infowindow content overflowing without scrollbar

7.10.56 :- 2018-12-27 :- High priority
Altered real mime type check to prevent image uploads failing

7.10.55 :- 2018-12-27 :- Medium priority
Added event markersplaced.wpgmza
Added link field to marker listing options
Added placeholder to custom field inputs
Changed GoogleMap fitBounds to accept a WPGMZA.LatLngBounds
Changed OLMap fitBounds to accept a WPGMZA.LatLngBounds
Removed the requirement to enable "show user location" to use "use my address" on store locator
Fixed WPGMZA.LatLngBounds setting individual coordinates to LatLngs
Fixed WPGMZA.GoogleMap.fitBounds not working with native LatLngBounds
Fixed cannot import marker categories when categories checkbox disabled
Fixed Pro Gutenberg module issuing notice when map ID select in initial state
Fixed modern marker listing marker view retaining fields from last selected marker when new fields are blank
Fixed styling issues with moderm marker listing (buttons overlapping, negative margin on picture, buttons not visible)
Fixed modern directions box not opening
Fixed "Use my location" not working on store locator

7.10.54 :- 2018-12-20 :- Medium priority
Show user location now follows user location live
Bumped required basic version from 7.10.00 to 7.10.34 for ScriptLoader::getPluginScripts requirement
Removed closing PHP tag from class.google-pro-maps-loader.php
Fixed Modern Directions Box not opening from Modern style Info Windows

7.10.53 :- 2018-12-18 :- Medium priority
Added missing spatial prefixes for marker column, circle and rectangle data functions
Added workaround to import_mimes for WordPress issue https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/45615 causing CSV imports to fail

7.10.52 :- 2018-12-14 :- Low priority
Added missing spatial prefix to add marker AJAX callback
Fixed undefined errors when running Elementor
Fixed "Cannot read property 'wpgmza_iw_type' of undefined" preventing infowindow opening
Fixed categories page not respecting category priority
Fixed categories page dispalying categories without parent as child

7.10.51 :- 2018-12-12 :- Medium priority
Added XMLCacheConverter to convert XML data into DB method format
XML and DB method now both use the same JavaScript
Fixed Modern Marker Listing not working with XML marker pull method
Removed large section of repeated code for processing XML

7.10.50 :- 2018-12-10 :- Medium priority
Removed debug output following infowindow fix

7.10.49 :- 2018-12-10 :- Medium priority
Added blank alt attribute to OpenLayers marker img element
Updated WP version supported to 5.0
Fixed scroll to map code not firing following click on basic list marker listing
Fixed both modern and native infowindows opening when global and local settings differ
Fixed styling not correctly applied to modern infowindows when global and local settings differ

7.10.48 :- 2018-12-05 :- Low priority
Improved Gutenberg integration (new buttons added)

7.10.47 :- 2018-12-03 :- Medium priority
Custom field values are now passed through translation functions
Added a check for wp.editor in Gutenberg JS module
Fixed category dropdown filter selection not reflecting cat shortcode attribute
Fixed OpenLayers JavaScript broken when checking for Google Maps API, when other google modules are present
Fixed access level always administrator for custom fields page
Fixed access level always administrator for map general settings tab
Fixed WPGMZA.OLMap returning zoom one level too far in (fixes map zooms in one level on save)

7.10.46 :- 2018-11-22 :- Low priority
Fixed custom fields outputting blank attributes
Added data-custom-field-id attribute to front end output
InfoWindow description containing element changed from


, browsers will no longer push paragraphs out of the description element
Removed all redundant calls to getPlace
Places AutoCompletes now only request the "name" and "formatted_address" fields

7.10.45 :- 2018-11-20 :- Medium priority
Fixed traffic layer etc. always on in map edit page
Fixed general map settings (disable controls) not respected on map edit page
Fixed infoWindow sometimes has zero maxWidth when using markerid GET variable
Fixed store locator circle and radius not displayed when no markers are present
Fixed "dataTable responsive undefinded" (NB: dataTables will be enqueued twice, pending a different fix)
Fixed slashes accumulating in marker custom field value field
Unified store locator circle and radius logic for both XML and DB marker pull

7.10.44 :- 2018-11-12 :- Medium priority
Fixed places autocomplete not initializing with modern store locator
Fixed theme data not applied during map edit page load
Fixed conflict with Autoptimize with large amounts of data by bypassing CSS optimization where shortcode is present
Fixed category filtering not correctly applied using dropdown marker listing category filter
Fixed marker custom field data not duplicated on map duplicate
Fixed open link in new tab not respected when using XML marker pull method
Fixed modern directions box opening for all maps on page when get directions is clicked
Removed enqueue dataTables, already enqueued by ScriptLoader module
Enter key now triggers search on modern store locator

7.10.43 :- 2018-11-07 :- Medium Priority
Fixed WPGMZA.isSafari is not a function on Custom Fields page
Fixed heatmap notices and display issues on map edit page
Fixed heatmap radius and gradient not respected on map edit page
Fixed polygons not visible in map edit page
Fixed polylines not visible in map edit page

7.10.42 :- 2018-10-31 :- High priority
Fixed Gutenberg Pro module not loading correctly following safety fix
Fixed shorthand array syntax breaking PHP < 5.4
Fixed cannot add custom fields in Safari
Closed potential XSS vulnerability in PHP_SELF on map edit page

7.10.41 :- 2018-10-22 :- Low priority
Fixed custom field data fields not populated in legacy-map-edit-page.js when $ is not defined
Fixed custom field data not saving in the same circumstances as above
Fixed empty max infowindow width causing malformed CSS
Fixed empty max infowindow width causing zero max width when using GET variable
Fixed can't save GPS coordinate address when $ is not defined
Added CSS to limit infowindow image size by default (when no max infowindow width is defined)
Moved modules from core.js to /v8
Removed $ jQuery shorthand from various places for sites on which this is not defined

7.10.40 :- 2018-10-18 :- Low priority
Fixed issue with resetting modern store locator with OpenLayers engine

7.10.39 :- 2018-10-17 :- Medium priority
Fixed Infowindow not opening on touch device when using "hover" action

7.10.38 :- 2018-10-16 :- High priority
Fixed "Class 'WPGMZA\Gutenberg' not found" with Basic < 7.10.39

7.10.37 :- 2018-10-15 :- High priority
Fixed JS error when Gutenberg framework not loaded

7.10.36 :- 2018-10-15 :- Medium priority
Added markerselected.wpgmza event for marker listing
Added code to catch exception when trying to initialize fontawesome icon picker in custom fields page
Added mashup fix (use boolean rather than string for flag)
Paving the way for Gutenberg integration
Fixed jQuery dataTable version conflict when using external dataTables library
Fixed custom fields not cleared when pressing reset button
Fixed no markers visible following clearing custom fields
Fixed add marker button still disabled following failed geocode
Fixed $ is not defined in legacy-map-edit-page.js when using custom fields on sites where $ is not defined
Removed function body deprecated in 6.09
Removed .gitignore from /js/v8
Removed console.log in class.import-csv.php

7.10.35 :- 2018-09-27 :- Low priority
Fixed undefined variable on iOS breaking store locator
Fixed edit marker using REST API not working when API route has two slashes

7.10.34 :- 2018-09-25 :- Low priority
Fixed XML caches not regenerated following import
Fixed category not added when priority or parent column missing from legacy installation
Fixed marker listing initially blank when AND category filtering is selected
Fixed change in basic 7.10.35 causing problems with OLMarker click event, preventing infowindow opening
Dropped .gitignore which was causing deployment issues, now using .gitattributes to ignore minified files
Removed var_dump in legacy export code

7.10.33 :- 2018-09-20 :- Medium priority
Fixed marker dispatching click event after drag when using OpenLayers
Fixed map dispatching click event after drag when using OpenLayers
Fixed map editor right click marker appearing multiple
Fixed map editor right click marker disappearing after map drag
Fixed modern store locator circle crashing some iOS devices by disabling this feature on iOS devices
Fixed gesture handling setting not respected when theme data is set in

7.10.32 :- 2018-09-19 :- Medium priority
Added code to bail and issue meaningful error message when import gets near PHP execution time limit
Fixed $ is not defined in legacy-map-edit-page.js
Fixed missing map import functionality in v7 importer

7.10.31 :- 2018-09-17 :- High priority
Fixed some Google settings being enabled causing JS errors in legacy-map-edit-page.js

Added plugin load order notice when Basic loads before Pro as a workaround
Fixed can't disable category count after enabling
Moved map edit page JavaScript out of /wp-google-maps-pro.js and into /js/legacy-map-edit-page.js
All data now passed to map edit page through wp_localize_script
jQuery 3.x document ready compatibility changes
Removed redundant locationSelect dropdown

7.10.29 :- 2018-09-06 :- Low priority
Fixed carousel marker listing settings being reset on update
Fixed wp-google-maps-pro.php attempting to create google.maps.MarkerImage when using OpenLayers engine

7.10.28 :- 2018-09-05 :- Low priority
Improved JSON import error reporting
Fixed "Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable" in marker listing module
Fixed core.js attempting to create google.maps.MarkerImage when using OpenLayers engine

7.10.27 :- 2018-08-30 :- Medium Priority
Fixed NaN zoom level causing Google Maps to hang

7.10.26 :- 2018-08-29 :- Medium Priority
Improved CSV import parser to split on both newlines and carriage return
Improved GoogleAPIErrorHandler, modal dialog with documentation links is now shown back end and front end for administrators
Implemented setOptions for generic marker module and WPGMZA.GoogleMarker module
Added event storelocatorgeocodecomplete (native) and storelocatorgeocodecomplete.wpgmza
Added event storelocatorresult (native) and storelocatorresult.wpgmza
Cleaned up legacy searchLocations function
Fixed unexpected behaviour when importing with empty latlng column
Fixed map controls not applied without toggling developer mode
Fixed white border around new Google logo
Fixed some global settings not respected (zoom controls, etc.)
Fixed zero longitude when editing markers with OpenLayers engine selected
Fixed legacy code acknowledging longitudes -180 - -90, +90 - +180 as part of a lat/lng pair

7.10.25 :- 2018-08-22 :- Medium priority
Fixed OpenLayers Pro infowindow no longer opening following 7.10.23 fix
Fixed slashes added to title and description when adding marker
Fixed gesture handling not passed to map (NB: There are still issues with the Google API ignoring this)
Fixed must implement countable notice

7.10.24 :- 2018-08-17 :- Low priority
Fixed engine being switched to OpenLayers following saving settings on a fresh install

7.10.23 :- 2018-08-15 :- Medium priority
Fixed some combinations of infowindow settings causing infowindows not to open

7.10.22 :- 2018-08-15 :- Low priority
Fixed slashes being added to marker text fields when saving
Fixed Google infowindow opening when modern infowindow style selected
Fixed CSS styling issues following Google UI updates
Removed GoogleAPIErrorHandler (moved to Basic)

7.10.21 :- 2018-07-31 :- Medium priority
Fixed AND category filtering logic broken in marker listing module

7.10.20 - Medium Priority
Fixed can't reset store locator following searching a blank address
Fixed Undefined variable: wpgmza_force_jquery
Fixed addresses geocoding to 0, 0 following editing marker address
Removed custom fields filter div when no custom fields filters are present

7.10.19 - 2018-07-25 :- Medium Priority
Added Custom Fields reset button
Fixed can't save pre-existing marker with GPS coordinates as address
Dropped override jQuery setting

7.10.18 - 2018-07-23 :- Low Priority
Fixed call to undefined function in page.export-import.php for users running Basic <= 7.10.17
Fixed typo causing call this.markers undefined

7.10.17 - 2018-07-19 :- Medium Priority
Fixed [object Object] displayed instead of error message on import
Fixed misaligned settings in global settings panel
Fixed custom fields not cleared after editing marker
Fixed custom marker field data not exporting correctly
Fixed custom marker field data not importing correctly
Fixed mashup IDs not respected in modern marker listing
Fixed can't read property recalc of undefined (DataTables().reponsive) by adding a check
Fixed clustering broken (Gold add-on) when multiple maps are on one page
Fixed clicking list item doesn't center map properly in OpenLayers
Fixed client side marker data not updated after editing existing marker
Fixed edit marker button not re-enabled following unsuccessful geocode
Fixed "Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable" in MarkerListing class
JSON Custom Field import / export now uses custom field CRUD classes
Moved Import / Export page JavaScript into standalone file
Importer error detection improved
Importer error reporting more comprehensive
Importer will attempt to convert strings to UTF-8 where they aren't already
Improved "Edit Marker" to pull data from database through REST API (solves discrepencies between client and server side data when editing)

7.10.16 - 2018-07-06 :- Medium Priority
Removed custom fields message
Fixed "Disable InfoWindows" not working
Fixed importer not geocoding addresses correctly

7.10.15 :- Low Priority
Re-built minified JavaScript file following UGM changes in basic plugin

7.10.14 - 2018-07-05 :- Medium priority
Fixed can't disable require GDPR consent before load
Fixed Access to undeclared static property: WPGMZA\Plugin::$settings
Fixed hard coded map ID in circle
Fixed update code sometimes not running or geting wrong version number
Fixed add circle and add rect prototype issue
Fixed invalid markup in marker table
Fixed click marker listing item not selecting marker in map

7.10.13 - 2018-06-27 :- Low Priority
Fixed CSV importer only parsing single category

7.10.12 - 2018-06-18 :- Low priority
Added dataTables CSS to local folder (as opposed to CDN)
Fixed "please update basic" notice always displayed

7.10.11 - 2018-06-14 :- Low priority
Fixed category marker icon not respected

7.10.10 - 2018-06-13 :- Medium priority
Fixed store locator reset not working
Fixed disabling map controls not working
Fixed store locator radio button

7.10.09 - 2018-06-12 :- Medium Priority
Handed FontAwesome loading over to ScriptLoader module
Deprecated global function wpgmza_enqueue_fontawesome
Fixed circles and rectangles only working on map ID 1
Fixed mashup not respected in advanced table listing after changing category filter (missing code)
Cleaned up marker creation code ahead of modularization
Fixed "use my location" button not working

7.10.08 - 2018-06-08 :- Low priority
Fixed uncaught JS error in some instances, where Places API was not enqueued
Fixed directions dipslay not working
Temporary workaround for "Unexpected token % in JSON"

7.10.07 - 2018-06-05 :- Medium priority
Fixed map center stuck on focused marker lat/lng after store locator search when using shortcode attribute "marker"
Fixed src not set on HTML marker img when using a custom category marker icon and OpenLayers engine
Fixed mashup not respected in advanced table listing after changing category filter
Fixed stuck on "Saving..." after editing marker
Fixed "InfoWindow" starts open breaking map edit page

7.10.06 - 2018-06-01 :- Medium priority
Fixed $ is not a function in some circumstances
Fixed call to enqueueGoogleMaps on null when saving post

7.10.05 - 2018-06-01 :- Low priority
Re-build minified JS after fixing "Can't drag marker in edit marker location page"
Fixed setting with value "open-street-map", changed to "open-layers"

7.10.04 - 2018-05-31
Solved issue with category AND logic
Fixed Marker Clustering settings not visible
Fixed Marker Clustering not working
Google Errors no longer caught and displayed when in developer mode

7.10.03 - 2018-05-30
Fixed category icon not respected in some circumstances
Fixed both default infowindow and modern infowindow opening
Fixed geocode response coordinates not interpreted properly

7.10.02 - 2018-05-30
Added Google API status ahead of user consent option

7.10.01 - 2018-05-29
Map engine dialog selection bug fixed

7.10.00 - 2018-05-29
OpenLayers / OpenStreetMap integration
New JavaScript engine
Added custom store locator radii
Added new Javascript modules
Class AutoLoading implemented
Fixed some strings not being translated in German

Added MapSelect module (map dropdown)
Added ModalDialog module
Added "Add Map" content editor button and dialog
Added support for shortcodes in marker description
Custom fields are no longer displayed on front end if they are empty

Improved spatial data migration function to be more robust
Fixed undefined index use_fontawesome

Added option to select FontAwesome version

Fixed compatibility with Bootstrap themes loading jQuery 3.x.x
Fixed admin Select All and Bulk Delete functionality

Added functionality to fit map to bounds when editing shapes
Fixed a bug where in some circumstances marker filtering was not applied to modern listing
Fixed custom fields installer erroneously running on every page load

Fixed FontAwesome CSS being enqueued as script
Fixed JS error in for ... in loop when adding methods to Array prototype
Fixed \WPGMZA\CustomFieldFilterWidget\Checkboxes calling the wrong parent constructor

7.03 - 2018-04-06
Switched to WebFont / CSS FontAwesome 5 for compatibility reasons

7.02 - 2018-04-05
Fixed Warning: require_once(): https:// wrapper is disabled in the server configuration by allow_url_include=0

7.01 - 2018-04-05
Fixed fatal error in settings override code

7.00 - 2018-02-19
Added marker icon library
Added custom fields
Added custom field filters
Added circles
Added rectangles
Added alerts for Google Maps API errors
Added Import CSV, GPX, JSON, KML Export JSON
Added concise error / failure reporting to CSV importer
Added progress bar to CSV importer
When creating new map store locater defaults to modern store locater and radius
jQuery.parseJson replaced with JSON.parse
Category data now parsed with .split rather than JSON.parse
PHP files restructured

6.19 - 2018-01-14 - Medium priority
Fixed a bug that caused the plugin to want to update all the time
Fixed a bug that caused the Google Maps API files to be loaded on all pages
Fixed PHP warnings

6.18 - 2017-11-16 - Low priority
Fixed a missing image in the map settings panel

6.17 - 2017-11-15 - Low priority
Fixed a bug causing map infowindow style settings not being respected
Fixed a bug where infowindow style was being disregarded
Fixed a bug where custom CSS would have HTML entities encoded (eg >)

6.16 - 2017-09-27 - Low priority
Fixed a bug that caused the plugin to think that certain ZIP codes are LAT/LNG

6.15 - 2017-09-27 - Low priority
Fixed a bug that caused iOS devices to not open the Maps App when clicking on Get Directions

6.14 - 2017-09-25 - Medium Priority
Bug Fix: Parent ID column is now created as expected when updating the plugin.

6.13 - 2017-01-26 - Medium priority
Fixed the bug that caused the directions box to show up automatically if waypoints are being used in the shortcode
Fixed a bug that caused the Google Maps API call to be added to all pages

6.12 - 2017-01-24 - Medium priority
Direction waypoint functionality added via shortcode. Example: [wpgmza id='1' directions_from='New York' directions_to='Los Angeles' directions_waypoints='Wisconsin|Texas' directions_auto='true']
Fixed bug that caused our JS to be enqueued on all pages

6.11 - 2017-01-19 - Medium priority
Fixed PHP warning bugs
Added sub-category functionality
- You can now add sub-categories (infinite levels)
- You can now choose to use "AND" or "OR" logic when selecting and markers based on your category selection
- You can now choose to show/hide marker counts per category on the front end
Fixed a bug that caused marker lists to not be updated correctly when using mashups

6.10 - 2017-01-13 - Medium priority
Fixed a bug that caused multiple maps to stop working
Fixed a bug that caused markers to not display when using the XML data method
Fixed a bug that caused slashes to appear in category names with apostrophes
UI improvements to the marker listing buttons in the admin section

6.09 - 2017-01-11 - Medium priority
Moved all echoed out JS variables to localized variables - this will also fix issues with single quotes and double quotes with some translated strings that are pushed to JS variables
Enqueued the Google Maps API with wp_enqueue_script instead of using document.write() which caused console warnings
Moved the map stylesheet to the footer and fixed the invalid W3C in-line styling
Refactored some JS code in the core.js file to suit the new localized JS variables
Added Gesture Override (Two Finger Override)
Added Compat for Custom Cluster Options
Added a new attribute to the shortcode handler that allows you to focus on a specific marker. Example: [wpgmza id='1' marker='5' zoom='13']
Added a new attribute that allows you to disable directions via the shortcode. Example: [wpgzma id='1' enable_directions='0'] (disables directions)
Added a new attribute that allows you to disable category filtering via the shortcode. Example: [wpgzma id='1' enable_category='0'] (disables category filtering)
Added a new attribute that allows you to open marker infowindow links in a new window (override global settings) via the shortcode. Example: [wpgzma id='1' new_window_link='yes']
You can now disable the display of the VGM form by using disable_vgm_form='1' within the shortcode
Fixed a bug that caused the map to display at the top of the page where the shortcode was used
Fixed a bug that added slashes to category names with quotation marks
Fixed a bug that caused non-utf8 characters within an address to cause the insertion of the marker to fail

6.08 - 2016-10-27 - Medium priority
Fixed a bug that caused a JS error in the admin section when adding or editing a marker (dataTables)
You can now add a default address to your store locator
Full screen map functionality added
Fixed a bug that caused PHP warnings when a polygon or polyline had no polydata
JS and short code refactoring
Updated DataTables.js and DataTables.min.js
Removed unnecessary anchor tags for each marker

6.07 - 2016-09-15 - Medium priority
Fixed markup bugs in the admin section
UI improvements to the add/edit marker section
New feature: Set your markers to be hidden on the front end and only show in the backend
Fixed a bug that caused the map error to flash before the map loaded on the front end
Fixed a bug that caused a PHP warning when trying to delete a category
Fixed a bug whereby the map category-map link data was not actually deleted in the table when deleting a category
Fixed a bug that caused deleted categories to show up in the category filtering functionality
Added labels to the category checkboxes on the front end
Datatables updated
When a marker is deleted, the view does not reset
You can now set the zoom level via the shortcode. Example: [wpgmza id='1' zoom=8]

6.06 - 2016-08-04 - Low priority
Store locator bug fixed

6.05 - 2016-08-01 - Medium priority
Fixed a bug that stripped out all HTML from the marker description when editing
Adding security patches to the admin side
Removed inline styling from store locator elements and added class names
Added functionality to allow for the dropdown category selector in the store locator
Removed the fixed CSS width for the checkbox filter container - caused conflicts when the map was used in a widget
Changed the default width for the directions box from 250px to 100%
Fixed the bug that caused the directions output box to keep the old directions data when the directions were reset and calculated again
Added Transit directions functionality
Added functionality that would report on "ZERO_RESULTS" if the directions API came back with nothing
Set the directions to show alternative routes by default
Added "Avoid Ferries" to directions options
Added additional tab support (tri-tabs-nav span)
Fixed a bug that caused the map editor to display when trying to delete a map
Fixed a bug that showed deleted maps in the map list when creating a new category
The category drop down now sorts categories alphabetically by default
Fixed a styling issue for the marker title in the modern infowindow

6.04 - 2016-07-19 - Low priority
Bug fix for adding markers

6.03 - 2016-07-18 - High priority
Security patches
Additional tab support
The full image (as opposed to the thumbnail) is now used by default when uploading an image to a marker
CSS validation fixes
Fixed a bug where the directions were not reset but rather added onto
Fixed a bug that sometimes cause "null" to be displayed for the marker description
Fixed a bug that caused wpgmaps_localize_marker_data is not defined

6.02 - 2016-07-07 - Medium priority
Fixed a bug which prevented markers from being hidden until search is done
Added option to disable Maps API from being loaded on front end
Added the Places lbrary to API calls as these were removed in previous update
Fixed styling conflict which prevented modern info-window from closing when close button is clicked

6.01 - 2016-07-06 - Medium priority
Fixed Resize Bug

6.00 - 2016-06-27 - Medium priority
Modernized UI introduced
Heatmap functionality added
New marker description editor added
More comprehensive import/export functionality added
Two new modern infowindows added
A new map wizard has been added
Videos can now be added to your markers
You can now set the default store locator icon
You can now set the default user location icon
You can now set the minimum zoom level
Added event listeners for both jQuery and accordions so that the map can init correctly when placed in a tab or accordion
Fixed issues that caused errors to show up when saving your map
Fixed the positioning issue of the modern infowindow with the new Google Maps API. It now appears in the top right by default.
Modern Infowindow scroll bars now only appear when they need to
Marker clustering icons fixed

5.70 - 2016-04-13 - High priority for Gold users
Fixed the marker clustering icons
Fixed issues that caused errors to show up when saving your map

5.69 - 2016-04-15 - High priority
Deprecated google maps api 3.14 and 3.15, added 3.23 and 3.24

5.68 - 2016-04-13 - Low Priority
You can now enter in your own Google Maps API key

5.67 - 2016-04-04 - Low Priority
Google Maps API sensor removed from API call
Fixed a bug that caused an error for the autocomplete functionality when the Gold add-on was active
Autocomplete functionality added to the 'to' and 'from' directions fields
Fixed a bug that affected the HTML structure on some sites
Weather & Cloud layer options removed (Deprecated in the Google Maps API)

5.66 - 2016-03-04 - Low priority
Fixed a bug that showed an error message below the map if directions was enabled and open above the map.
Improvements to the import functionality

5.65 - 2016-01-08 - Low priority
Style bug fix with the modern infowindow
Fixed an IIS bug

5.64 - 2016-01-07 - Low priority
Additional tab compatibility
UI improvements - add/edit marker section
Fixed a bug that caused the wrong default marker icon to be displayed when using multiple maps on one page
Fixed a bug that caused the modern infowindow to show incorrectly when using multiple maps on one page
Fixed a bug that caused the enter key to not work when searching using the store locator
Fixed a bug that if you previously clicked on a marker in a list (which zooms to the location), and then click on another marker on the map, it will now no longer zoom to the marker location but rather just open the marker as expected, without zooming.
Fixed a map mashup bug that stopped the marker list from reflecting the correct markers
Fixed a bug that caused some content to not be loaded through SSL when you are using SSL
Fixed a bug that stopped the advanced marker listing from updating when using IE.

5.63 - 2015-12-01- - Low priority
Added custom hooks and filters

5.62 - 2015-11-23 - Low Priority
Fixed a bug that caused the map to break when a theme was not selectd

5.61 - 2015-11-19 - Low Priority
Theme directory and functionality added to the Pro version
Fixed a bug that served http content on an SSL site in the marker clusterer functionality
Fixed a bug that took the Print Directions page to a 404 error
You can now close a modern info window by clicking on an x
A class has been added to the containing div when filtering by category

5.60 - 2015-09-04 - Low priority
Added 5 themes to the map editor
Added a native map widget so you can drag and drop your maps to your widget area
Fixed a bug that incorrrectly geocoded certain GPS co-ordinates when using the Store Locator
Fixed an undefined notice
Removed old version warnings
Added another tab to the tabs compatibility list
Turkish translation added - thank you Suha Karalar

5.59 - 2015-08-20 - High priority
Fixed a bug that caused a conflict with WordPress 4.3's jQuery and DataTables.js
Styling bug fixes in WordPress 4.3

5.58 - Liberty Update
Fixed a bug that caused the default marker listing quantity to reset after selecting a category
Minor bug fixes
Fixed a bug that caused a jQuery error message to be displayed briefly before the map loads\
Fixed a bug that caused the center of the map to be incorrectly changed when clicking on a marker in a marker list on certain iOS devices
Added the autocomplete functionality to the add marker section in the map editor

New infowindow style available: Modern Infowindow
Bug fix with JS error being produced as a result of the new google maps autocomplete
Minor bug fixes in the google map HTML output
SSL bug fix
CSV import bug fix ('retina' and 'approved' where not being imported)
Support added for 3 new tabs
Added accessibility support for the directions box (http://achecker.ca/)
Fixed the bug that caused an alert to pop up regarding jQuery dataTables when filtering the markers
Fixed the bug that caused the marker list advanced table to span passed the width of the main parent DIV
Added Google Autocomplete to the store locator
Removed the slashes in the category name within the marker listing

Directions now open up in native map app if on a mobile device (thank you pelicanpaul!)
Fixed the "auto approve" bug with the VGM add-on
Polygon and polyline bug fixes with mashup functionality
Rocketscript fix (Cloudfare)
Categories are now displayed in alphabetical order (thank you Duncan McMillan!)
Fixed the bug that caused the directions width type to show as PX instead of %
Map centers to original center location when resized
json_encode (extra parameter) issue fixed for hosts using PHP version < 5.3
PHP Notice fixes

Directions box width can now be set to either PX or %
Marker image width and/or height can now be left blank to automatically set the width/height
Clicking/hovering on a marker no longer pans the map to that marker
Mass marker bug fix
Now using sensor=true in the geocoding API calls
Fixed max zoom bug
Fixed the bug that caused the marker title to not show up in the marker listing (basic table) in certain instances
"Get directions" now appears in the basic table marker list

5.54 2015-03-16
Timthumb removed
New marker listing functionality - you can now list your markers in the map itself
Category filter (dropdown) bug fix
You can now set the width and height for Retina markers in the settings page
Advanced marker listing table is now responsive
Major improvements to how the plugin handles marker sorting
You can now force a marker infowindow to open by using a GET variable (?markerid=x). You can also assign a zoom level (&mzoom=x)
Fixed the MaxZoom bug not allowing you to go to zoom level 0
The map now automatically shows in the language you have set in your WordPress settings
Code improvements in the main JS file
Fixed the bug that didnt allow for category filtering when multiple maps are on the same page
Mashup (via database method) bug fix
Store locator datatables bug fix
Fixed bug that didnt allow filtering when multiple maps are on the same page
Fixed a bug that caused the wrong map to setCentre when clicking on a polygon with multiple maps on a page
SSL Compatibility for the datatables theme css file
Fixed a bug that caused the image url to not be inserted when trying to use an image that doesnt have a standard wordpress thumbnail size
Refactored the way we handle category filtering

5.53 2015-02-18 Low priority
Timthumb will be phased out and replaced with standard WordPress image handling in the next version - notices and new options added to this version
Small bug fix with the store locator
You can now use the Enter key to submit a store locator search
Fixed a bug that caused the map to not show in certain situations

5.52 2015-02-16 High priority
Fixed the bug that didnt allow you to add a new marker to a blank map if you had the "database" option selected

5.51 2015-02-03
Safari bug fix
New support page added
Bug fix - filter by checkbox is now working
Bug fix - Hide columns in advanced marker listing is now working
Added a space between the number and "miles" or "kilometers" for the store locator.
Added a Max Zoom option for your google map
PHP notices fixed
Fixed a bug that caused the map to not display if the polygon was corrupted

5.50 2015-02-01
Bug fix for french translations

5.49 2015-01-27
Core.js bug fixes
Fixed a bug that tried to check file permissions for the XML file even if the user selected the Database method for the marker pull option
Removed the marker limit warning
Duplicate map functionality added
Added support for the VGM add-on (auto approve markers)

Fixed approval bug
Fixed a bug that caused polygons and polylines to now show on certain installations
Fixed a bug that caused more than one map to not display on certain installations
Fixed a bug that caused issues when using the database marker pull method and multiple maps
Added classes to the TO and FROM elements in the direction box
Code improvements in the core.js file
CSV import bug fixes - retina and approved columns now gets imported

Fixed the marker ordering bug for the basic table

Introduced a new method of pulling and displaying the marker data

Code improvements

5.44 2014-11-27
Code refactoring within the main class
Infowindow styling improvements (attempt at minimizing scrollbars and including more classes and structure to the infowindow)
Fixed the bug whereby the marker listing table was not ending correctly
Added compatibility for maps displaying within Elegant Builder tabs
Added title/description search options and functionality to the store locator (beta)
Fixed the map from not showing when using Hebrew locale
Added placeholders for the store locator inputs
PreserveViewport now set to true when using KML files (avoid zoom override)
Retina display support for markers
Added new strings to the PO file
"Lowest level of access to the map editor" option added to the pro version
A simple map can now be generated by using custom fields in a post/page. See our blog for more details.
Fixed the bug that didnt display the correct markers when the Store Locator was used and a map mashup was being used

5.43 2014-11-05
Fixed IE bug (console log)
Fixed bug that switched the datatables back to English upon filtering when using another language
Fixed a marker sorting bug (sort by Marker ID)

5.42 2014-11-04
New marker listing option - "Carousel"
Code improvements to both PHP and the JS core file
Shortcode additions: Map type and Streetview
New option: You can now show or hide the Store Locator bouncing icon
New option: Select default items to display in the advanced marker listing
Bug fixes
IE8 issue with mashups
IE8 issue with multiple KML files

Better marker file handling
Permission error bug fix
Multiple KML/KMZ/GeoRSS files can now be used (comma separated)
Small bug fixes (Thank you Thomas)

Enfold / Avia theme conflict (Google Maps API loading twice) resolved

5.39 2014-09-29
Security updates (thank you www.htbridge.com)
Fixed the bug that didnt correctly check the category checkboxes when editing your marker
Code improvements (PHP warnings)
Code improvements (file permissions) (Thank you Thomas)
Fixed bug that showed "Show _MENU_ entries" when it should have displayed "No records found" (Thank you Thomas)
Broken image bug fix (Thank you Thomas)

Removed "the map could not load" error that showed briefly before the map loads.

Fixed the bug that was not causing the marker lists to be updated on a store locator search or category filtering

Code improvements (PHP warnings)

Code improvements (PHP warnings)

New features:
- Marker filtering now changes the marker list below
- Store locator filtering now changes the marker list below
- Markers can now have mulitple categories
- You can now right click to add a marker to the map
- New markers can be dragged
- Polygons and polylines now have labels
Backend UI improvements
Polyline bug fix
Fixed incorrect warning about permissions when permissions where "2755" etc.

Print directions bug fix

New feature: Print directions
You can now set the query string for the store locator

Bug fixes
- Incorrect polyline data caused the map to not load
- Changed incorrect HTML in the directions box on the front end

Bug fix - multiple maps with polygons now work

Small bug fix (warning)

New feature: Geocode on import now available (BETA) - Thank you Tony Palleschi - http://apartcreations.com/
New polygon functionality: add "on hover" properties, a title and a link to your polygons.
Fixed a bug that when threw off gps co-ordinates when adding a lat,lng as an address

Minor code improvements (warnings)
Multisite bug fix (marker location)

Minor code improvements

You can now choose which folder your markers are saved in
Better error reporting for file permission issues

Fixed a language bug with the use of datatables (thank you Jean-Philippe Boily)

Fixed more PHP warnings
Code improvements

Fixed PHP notice warnings (shown in debug mode)
Fixed marker location bug when the default uploads directory has been changed

Fixed a bug that caused KML, Fusion tables and polygons to appear on the first map instead of individual maps when multiple maps where used on one page
Fixed a map width bug (%)
Added the option to select which API version you would like to use

Introduced ini_set("auto_detect_line_endings", true); for better mac/pc importing of CSV files
Maps now work automatically when put in tabs
Added more options for the store locator
Added opacity options for polygon lines

Small bug fix

Mutlisite marker location bug fixed

Markers are now stored in the uploads/wp-google-maps/ directory

Small bug fix

Performance improvements

Added the option to display categories as a dropdown or as checkboxes
Added store locator functionality. More functionality for this to follow soon (Still in BETA)
Fixed the bug that swapped the variables around for disabling "double click zoom"
Fixed a bug that forced a new geocode on every marker edit, even if the address wasnt changed
New functionality:
- You can now choos to open a marker from click or hover
- Better error handling

Fixed a conflict between KML layers and Polygons whereby clicks on markers within a KML layer were not triggering if the polygon overlapped the KML layer markers. Polygons 'clickable' now set to false

Fixed the category selection bug that did not revert back to 'all' markers.

Small bug fix

Small bug fix

Added category filtering via shortcode

Fixed a conflict with the NextGen plugin

Fixed a bug that stopped directions from working with multiple maps on the same page

Small bug fixes in the core.js file

Fixed a bug causign JS conflicts in IE8

Fixed a bug that messed up the iamge sizes in some browsers

Fixed a bug that caused all control elements on the map to disspear

Fixed an marker icon bug for some hosts
Fixed small bug with resetting select boxes within the add marker section

Small bug fixes

Complete re-code
Upgrade: The JavaScript is now in it's own file
Better error handling
You now have the ability to add a default "To" address for the directions.
Fixed map align center bug
Fixed infowindow styling issues when images are used
Fixed the bug that caused the map to not load if a blank polyline/polygon was created
Fixed cross-browser infowindow styling bugs
You can now hide/show columns of your choice with the advanced listing option
Fixed many smaller bugs

You can now add HTML into the description field
Functionality added for category icons
You can now assign categories to specific maps or all maps
Bug fixes:
Fixed the sorting markers bug
Fixed the bug that stopped you from deleting polylines
Fixed the bug that caused no markers to display in the marker list when "Select" was selected in the category filter drop down.

There is now the option to hide the Category column

Fixed an infowindow styling bug

Added a check to see if the Google Maps API was already loaded to avoid duplicate loading
Fixed some SSL bugs
Added extra style support for the standard marker listing
Advanced marker list now updates with category drop down selection

Added a min-width to the DIV within the InfoWindow class to stop the scroll bars from appearing in IE10

Map mashups are now available by modifying the shortcode.
Added Category functionality.
Fixed a bug with the normal marker list layout
Added backwards compatibility for older versions of WordPress
Fixed a few small bugs
Replaced deprecated WordPress function calls
Added Spanish translation - Thank you Fernando!
Coming soon in 4.14: Map mashup via custom fields in post.

Fixed a small bug

Better localization support
Fixed a SSL bug

Added Polygon functionality
Added Polyline functionality
You can now show your visitors location on the map
Markers can now be sorted by id,title,description or address
Added better support for jQuery versions
Plugin now works out the box with jQuery tabs
Added standards for the advanced marker list style
Added user access support for the visitor generated markers add-on
Adjusted the KML functionality to avoid caching
Fixed small bugs causing PHP warnings
Fixed a bug that stopped the advanced marker listing from working

Fixed a bug that didnt allow for multiple clicks on the marker list to bring the view back to the map

This version allows the plugin to update itself moving forward

Fixed a bug that was causing a JavaScript error with DataTables

Added troubleshooting support
Fixed a bug that was stopping the plugin from working on IIS servers

Added support for one-page-style themes.
Fixed a firefox styling bug when using percentage width/height and set map alignment to 'none'
Added support for disabling mouse zooming and dragging
Added support for jQuery1.9+

Fixed a centering bug - thank you Yannick!
Italian translation added
Fixed an IE9 display bug
Fixed a compatibility bug between the VGm add-on and the Pro add-on
Fixed a bug with the VGM display option
Fixed a bug with importing markers whereby it always showed as an error even when importing correctly

Fixed a firefox styling bug that caused the Directions box to load on the right of the map instead of below.
Added support code for the new WP Google Maps Visitor Generated Markers plugin
Added the option for a more advanced way to list your markers below your maps
Added responsive size functionality
Added support for Fusion Tables

Fixed the bug that caused the directions box to show above the map by default
Fixed the bug whereby an address was already hard-coded into the "To" field of the directions box
Fixed the bug that caused the traffic layer to show by default

Added the functionality to list your markers below the map
Added more advanced directions functionality
Fixed small bugs
Fixed a bug that caused a fatal error when trying to activate the plugin on some hosts.

Plugin now supports multiple maps on one page
Bicycle directions now added
Walking directions now added
"Avoid tolls" now added to the directions functionality
"Avoid highways" now added to directions functionality
New setting: open links in a new window
Added functionality to reset the default marker image if required.

Fixed the bug that told users they had an outdated plugin when in fact they never

Fixed the bug that was causing both the bicycle layer and traffic layer to show all the time

Added the bicycle layer
Added the traffic layer
Fixed the bug that was not allowing users to overwrite existing data when uploading a CSV file

Added support for KML/GeoRSS layers.
Fixed the directions box styling error in Firefox.
Fixed the bug whereby users couldnt change the default location without adding a marker first.
When the "Directions" link is clicked on, the "From" field is automatically highlighted for the user.
Added additional settings

Markers now automatically close when you click on another marker.
Russian localization added
The "To" field in the directions box now shows the address and not the GPS co-ords.

Added support for localization

Fixed the bug that caused slow loading times with sites that contain a high number of maps and markers

Fixed the bug where sometimes the short code wasnt working for home pages

Added functionality for 'Titles' for each marker

Added functionality for WordPress MU

Fixed a bug where in IE the zoom checkbox was showing
Fixed the bug where the map wasnt saving correctly in some instances

Fixed redirect problem
Fixed bug that never created the default map on some systems

Added Map Alignment functionality
Added Map Type functionality
Started using the Geocoding API Version 3 instead of Version 2 - quicker results!
Fixed bug that didnt import animation data for CSV files
Fixed zoom bug

Fixed a few bugs with the jQuery script
Fixed the shortcode bug where the map wasnt displaying when two or more short codes were one the post/page
Fixed a bug that wouldnt save the icon on editing a marker in some instances


This article presents the WP Google Maps Pro Change Log. This article is generated from the most recent version of WP Google Maps Pro. If you need further assistance or are having other issues with the plugins, feel free to visit our Support Desk.

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