Embedding iframes in your markers

WP Go Maps Basic version 8.1.13 and above strip away any tags that are considered to be unsafe.

‘wp_kses_post’ considers iframes to be ‘unsafe’ and thus are stripped away. This article will show you how to embed an iframe in WP Go Maps (specifically focuses on the marker descriptions) using the iframe plugin.


The following plugins are required for embedding iframes into your marker descriptions

Install and activate the ‘iframe’ plugin

Navigate to WordPress Dashboard → Plugins → Add New.

In the Search box at the top-right of the screen, type the word “iframe” and press {Enter}.

Click the Install Now button shown in the screenshot below. The plugin will install without any intervention.

Once installed, click the Activate button shown in the screenshot below. The plugin will then activate.

Add the Shortcode to the marker description

Navigate to your Map Editor (WordPress Dashboard -> Maps -> Maps -> Edit) and start creating a marker

Add your iframe to your marker description in the respective shortcode format: [iframe src=”url” title=”description“]

Save your marker and the iframe should then be displayed in your marker.

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