How Do I Merge Multiple Maps into One?

This article covers merging multiple maps into one (creating a Map Mashup) with WP Go Maps. This documentation is current for WP Go Maps Version 6.

A Map Mashup allows you to join multiple maps into one map. You do this using special mashup parameters in your Map shortcode. Your shortcode for a Map Mashup will look something like this:

[ wpgmza id="2" mashup=true mashup_ids="2,3" parent_id="2" ]

Note: Make sure you remove the first and last space between the square brackets as shown above.

You will need to use the shortcode parameters below to create your Map Mashup:


The ID parameter is the ID of the Main Map (This MUST be the same as the parent_id – as shown in the shortcode example above.


Set as true to indicate you that you would like this map to be a mashup.

Mashup IDs

Include the IDs of all Maps you want to “mashup” in a comma-separated list.

Parent ID

The parent_id identifies the specific map from which the map settings will be drawn for the Map Mashup. In this case, whatever color or size is set for Map ID 1 will be used for the Mashup Map.

This article covered merging multiple maps into one (creating a Map Mashup) with WP Go Maps. If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us.

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