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WP Go Maps version 8 and WP Go Maps – Pro add-on version 8 introduce our new, universal User Interface Style system.

User Interface Styles affect the Store Locator and Directions Box, some styles also affect the Marker Listing and InfoWindows.

You can change the User Interface Style by going to Maps -> Settings.

Available Styles


The default style is outside the map panel, as seen below.


The Compact style puts all controls inline, in a much more compact fashion than the default.


Modern style components were offered on a per component basis in WP Go Maps version 7 and below. Those controls have now been moved (please see below for compatibility options) to the global User Interface Style.

The Modern style features clean, minimal components inside the map panel, some of which pop out from the side.


The Minimal style is similar to the Compact style, however it uses icons and placeholders as opposed to full text labels.

Bare Bones

The Bare Bones style is aimed at proficient designers who don’t wish to use the built in styles.

Bare Bones will only load the absolute minimum necessary CSS for the plugin, with practically all components left unstyled.

This means you can work on your own CSS unencumbered with overriding the built in CSS.


Legacy mode uses the CSS which shipped with version 7 and below, unchanged.

This is the default mode for users who had previously been running version 7 or below (as opposed to fresh installs).

Legacy Compatibility

The Store Locator Style and Directions Box Style options are no longer available.

These styles are now set through the global User Interface Style setting.

However, we recognise that some of our users wish to continue using the legacy system.

Setting User Interface Style to Legacy will allow you to pick Store Locator and Directions Box styles from their respective panels, as the settings were in Version 7.

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