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Marker Ratings are a new feature in WP Go Maps – Gold add-on version 5. Enabling Marker Ratings allows your users to leave a rating based on the parameters set in Maps -> Settings -> Marker Ratings.

Marker Ratings are highly configurable, and allow for both anonymous (with tampering countermeasures) and per-user ratings to be collected. Marker Ratings work well with our Visitor Generated Markers add-on.

Users can leave Marker Ratings through the Rating Widget on InfoWindows and Marker Listing list items. Our Marker Listing feature supports Sort by Rating.

You can see a demo of the rating features here.

Enabling Marker Ratings

To enable Marker Ratings, please go to Maps -> Edit -> Advanced Settings for the map you wish to enable ratings on.

Please remember to save your map.

Customising Marker Ratings

By default, a radio button style widget is used, with ratings ranging from one to five.

You can configure your marker ratings by going to Maps -> Settings -> Marker Ratings.

Minimum & Maximum

You can configure the minimum and maximum allowed ratings using the options in this panel.

Please note that changing these settings will not scale ratings which have already been recorded. We recommend that you do not modify the maximum and minimum settings after you begin accepting ratings.

The following are example settings

  • 1 – 5 :- A traditional one to five stars rating
  • 0 – 100 :- A percentage rating, as seen on, for example, a review site
  • 0 – 1 :- A like / dislike system, as seen on YouTube and other sites


The step controls allows you to adjust the granularity of the selection of ratings available to the end user.

For example, you could use a minimum and maximum of 1 – 5 and a step of 0.5 to allow your users to choose “half stars”.

Widget Style

At the time of writing, we offer four widget styles

  • Radio buttons
  • A gradient bar, with a choice of start and end colors
  • Stars
  • Thumbs up and thumbs down with the average displayed in the background

All widget styles except for thumbs up / down include a rating count (eg the number of ratings that have been cast on a given marker).

The widget system is easily customisable and extensible by developers, more widget styles will be added in the future.

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