Documentation – Distance Features

Sort by Distance and distance display are new features in WP Go Maps – Pro add-on version 8.

You can see a demo here showing both these features in conjunction with one another.

These features will use the users location (where available), or when a radial Store Locator search is performed, the center of the searched areas will be used.

Please note that virtually all major browsers now require that your site is secured (https://) in order for the users location to be used. This feature will not work with the users location on unsecure (http://) sites.

Enabling Distance Display

Please go to Maps -> Edit -> Advanced Settings to enable “Show Distance from Location”

Please remember to save your map.

Enabling this feature will show the distance to the user (or to the searched location) in the Marker Listing and inside InfoWindows

Enabling Sort by Distance

Sort by Distance is a new feature in Pro v8’s Marker Listing. To enable this setting please go to Maps -> Edit -> Marker Listing, where you will find Distance in the “Order markers by” dropdown.

Please remember to save your map.

Please note that if your site is unsecure (http://) or the user declines location sharing, this feature will only work once a Store Locator search has been performed.

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