Documentation – Bulk JPEG Import

WP Go Maps – Pro add-on version 8 adds support for importing JPEG photos bulk. This feature is intended for users who have taken pictures using a device that supports saving location data to the picture.

WP Go Maps will read the GPS data from your JPEG photographs, create a marker for each JPEG, and upload the JPEG to the markers picture / gallery field.

You can see a demo generated using this feature here. The route on this demo was generated using our Live Location Tracking App and WP Go Maps – Gold add-on.

Bulk importing JPEG’s

Firstly, please navigate to Maps -> Advanced to find the Bulk JPEG importer.

Select the map you would like to target in the dropdown menu. Then click Choose Files, and choose the files you would like to import.

Click “Import” to begin importing. You can monitor the import progress from here.

The end result is a map showing all your pictures, with the markers showing where they were taken.

The route in this example was generated with our Live Location Tracking App and the Gold add-on.

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